Roblox Combat Rift Codes March 2023 – Free Coins & Gems Code

Roblox Combat Rift Code will gift you legendary in-game items for free. This code can be use anytime & it’s available for all players of Combat Rift. In this post we will share some working redeem codes with you. So get stick on this article till ends.

Are you a Combat Rift freak as well who is searching for such codes? Then this article is just for you. Before getting into the topic, let’s clear a major doubt of our newbies. So, what actually is Combat Rift? Well, Combat Rift is an RPG game developed by the Crafty Savage group on the Roblox platform. What exactly happens in the game? The players are set to fight their way through different monsters, meanwhile leveling up their tier and uncover new worlds.

Players need to have a few items to have a good game and those are earned using the gems or coins. But finding these gems and getting those coins is always difficult. For such people who are looking for coins and gems the developers have a codes program, these codes will allot the users with coins or gems or boost the credits. All you need to do is simply grab the codes and receive your rewards.


Roblox Combat Rift Codes 2023

In this post, we have put all the Valid codes for Roblox’s game Combat Rift under one roof. Our list is always updated from time to time, you can redeem coins, gems, extra freebies using these codes. We will always update our list once the new codes are released, please make sure to redeem them as soon as possible because no one knows when they will expire.

Roblox Combat Rift Codes 2023

Combat Rift All Valid Code Lists March 2023

All published Combat Rift Code Lists are verified by our team. We test each code every hour however, you don’t face any issue at redemption time. If you faced any issues then don’t forget to give feedback. We will consider your issue & fixed it soon.

Last Update: 11th March 2023

Let’s have a look over the valid and legit codes for Combat Rift;

  • DUNGEON – This will give you 70 Eternals (NEW).
  • PotionHype – This will give you 200 Eternals (NEW).
  • Update6 – This will give you a reward (NEW).
  • AuraHype – This will give you a 3x Damage boost.
  • Update5 – This will give you a 3x Health boost.
  • Update4 – This will give you a 3x Coin boost.
  • 20KLikes – This will give you a 3x Gems boost.
  • 2.5MVisits – This will give you a reward.
  • TwitterHype – This will give you 3x Damage boost.
  • Update3 – This will give you 200 gems.
  • 5KLIKES – This will give you 600 gems.
  • Update2 – This will give you a 3x Gems boost.
  • 2.5KLIKES – This will give you a 3x Damage boost.
  • TWITTERCODE – This will give you a 3x Coins boost.
  • RELEASE – This will give you 100 coins and 20 gems.

The three new codes were updated on May 7th. Make sure to make use of these codes before they expire!

Are There Any Expired Codes for Combat Rift Codes?

Luckly, no code has expired till today! So, this list is empty. Once the code expires our team will update it here.

  • Empty list.

You got the codes, how are you gonna use them? Well our next session deals exactly with that.

How to Redeem Roblox Combat Rift Codes?

It isn’t that difficult as you think. Follow this Combat Rift Codes Guide below to Redeem the same.

  1. Launch the game, and let it load.
  2. Look for the Twitter icon on the top right of the screen, and click on it.
  3. Now a window with a Codes Tag will pop up, click on the Enter Code Session.
  4. Copy and paste the code, or type it manually.
  5. Now tab to the green Redeem button & claim your rewards.

How to Get More Combat Rift Redeem Codes?

You can always check for the new codes on the official Twitter handle @LordWasteds of the developer. Or You can join the Crafty Savage Channel at Discord, for this you must have a Discord account. But we prefer it’s better you save this article to the bookmarks, as we will be updating the list every now and then to make it easy for you. Whenever we discover a new one, it will be added to the list in no time!

Note: The codes are given by the Combat Rift Developers, and the admins of this site has nothing to do with the release of new codes. For now we can only promise to update the codes list in-time!

We hope this article was helpful. Happy Gaming!


Here are some useful frequently asked questions by our users,

1. Is it legal to use codes in Combat Rift?

Yes! It is completely legal. The codes are given by the developer itself, hence they are legal to use. So, without any hesitation you can use the codes and redeem the rewards.

2. What changed in the latest Combat Rift update?

The latest update for Combat Rift was on 2022. This update got many new things to the game. The developer mentioned the below on the official Twitter handle, Potion Trading,2 Evolution Potions(+1 Evolve), New Limited Time Potion Pack in Packs, Equip Best Button for Swords & Pets, Evolve All Button for Swords & Pets & Bug Fixes

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