Google Pay 2020 Offer – Google Pay 2020 Stamps Trick


Google Pay 2020 Offer & Disco or Selfie Stamps Trick – Get Rs. 202 to Rs.2020

New Update Of Google Pay 2020 Offer:- Google Pay 2020 Stamp Offer is Expiring today if there any offer extended information then we will notify you soon

Good news for all Google Pay User Who are doing Google Pay 2020 Offer. Now All members can avail of this offer two times in an account. If you already claim this offer then you have a chance to do it again. Before it gave only once per account now it’s available twice per user account.

Google Pay 2020 Offer: Google Pay 2020 Offer Stamps Trick. This is a Google Pay Stamp Offer like Diwali Stamp Offer. Collect Google Pay 2020 Offer 7 stamps and complete the cake layer to Win Scratch Card Of Rs.202 to Rs.2020. You can get 2020 by Listen to Google Pay Ads On Google Pay On-Air & Get Google Pay 2020 Stamps. Scan 2020 Image & win a Google Pay 2020 Stamp.

Google Pay 2020 Disco Stamp Trick

Google Pay 2020 Offer & Stamps Trick

Google Pay has started Welcome 2020 Offer on this New Year Occasion. Here is a chance to earn ₹2020 by collecting Google Pay 2020 Stamps. The 2020 Stamps are Disco, Toffee, Selfie, Pizza, Balloon, DJ & Sunglasses.

After MobiKwik Grand Slam Offer Google Pay launched its New Stamp Offer for this New Year. This offer is similar to Google Pay Old Diwali Offer. In Google Pay, Diwali Offer we need to collect 5 Diwali Stamps by doing some tasks on Google Pay. You can also check our Rangoli Stamps Tricks of Diwali offer. But in this offer case, you have to collect 7 stamps to get a scratch card of Rs.202 to Rs.2020. It’s not easy to collect all the stamps. Let’s know how to collect 2020 stamps for google pay.

Google Pay 
 2020 Stamps Trick

Google Pay 2020 Offers & Scratch Card

Hi, guys wish you advance Happy New Year & welcome you to another Google Pay 2020 Offer which is New Year special Welcome Offer. Here is a chance to win a scratch card of Rs.202 to Rs.2020 in your linked bank account. To get Google Pay New Year Scratch Card you need to collect 7 stamps. Scroll down to learn more about it. This Offer validity is from 23rd December 2019 to 31st December Midnight. It can be extended later.

Google Pay Welcome 2020 Offer

How To Get Welcome 2020 Stamps.

This welcome 2020 offer starts on 23rd December 2019 and it will end on 1st January 2020 & can be extended. In this offer, you can earn up to ₹202 to ₹2020 by collecting 7 stamps as in Balloon, Disco, DJ, Pizza, Selfie, Sunglasses & Toffee. to collect these stamps you need to do some tasks on Google Pay Like Scan Image, Send Money, Doing Recharge & Bill Payment, Paying to a merchant & Invite a friend. Read the full article you will understand easily how to collect 2020 stamps for google pay. Let’s clarify how to complete this task and earn the Scratch Card.

How to Open Welcome 2020 Offer

Install Google Pay App

First of all install, Google Pay App if you have already it then update it to the latest version.

Sign Up on Google Pay

After Install App complete your Sign Up Process & Add Your Bank. If you have already linked your account then skip this step

Click On 2020 Icon

After ready your Gpay account Open ti and click on 2020 icon. If you are unable to find it then open this link

Now Complete the task

Now you see all the tasks to complete this offer. Do tasks one by one and collect the stamp.

How To Get 2020 Stamps

Google Pay Welcome 2020 Offer Tasks
  1. Pay ₹98 or more to business, Spot or Google Pay user and get 1 stamp per unique payee
  2. Pay ₹98 or more on bills or recharge mobile
  3. Spend at least ₹300 on a bill, or ₹98 on a mobile recharge
  4. Invite friends to Google Pay
  5. Get a stamp when your friends make their first payment with your referral code
  6. Gift or request stamps
  7. Get 1 stamp on your Gift board per friend you gift once they accept
  8. Use the 2020 scanner & Scan the number ‘2020’ anywhere near you

Game Rule

  1. Collect all 7 different stamps to complete the cake by 31 Dec 2019 and get an assured gift from Google Pay.
  2. You also earn 1 bonus reward per layer for any cake layer you complete. The more layers you complete, the more rewards you unlock!
  3. Collect these assured stamps the first time you perform the following during the game period from 23 Dec 2019 – 31 Dec 2019

Google Pay 2020 Stamps Trick

  • Scan A “2020” Tag Image or number anywhere & Get Stamp
  • Pay to a merchant to get stamps
  • Listen to ads on Google pay on-air and get 2 stamp
  • Do bill payment and get 2020 stamp
  • Send more than ₹98 to your friend and Get Google Pay 2020 stamp
  • Do a Mobile Recharge of ₹98 or more and get the stamp.

Google Pay 2020 Images

Here is Google Pay 2020 Images. Scan bellow images in Google Pay Scanner and collect the stamps. Every day you can use maximum 3 times to this scanner option. Scan any “2020” number or images that contain 2020 text and a free 2020 offer stamps.

How to scan 2020 images & stamps?

  1. Open Google Pay App
  2. Goto Welcome 2020 Offer Section
  3. Click on showing 2020 scanner
  4. After that scan any images that contain the “2020” letter or scan the number anywhere.
  5. Below are the latest the new year 2020 images scan it and get the Stamps
Google Pay 2020 Images

On Air Ads For Google Pay 2020 Stamp

Another trick to get Google Tez 2020 Stamp without paying or doing any transaction. This is Google Pay On Air Ads method. In this method, you will get a maximum of two GPay 2020 stamps without doing any transaction. Just Play Google Pay ads & catch it by listen on your Google Pay On-Air & get 2 stamps. Click here for latest On Air Ads For Google Pay

Get Google Pay 2020 Stamp By Gifting It To Friends

If you have any extra stamps of Ballon, Disco, DJ, Toffee, Piza or Sunglasses then gift this stamp to your friends you will get extra rare stamps. Use Gift Board and gift Stamp to your contact high chance to get Disco or Selfie Stamp. Goto gifting option to generate your gifting link &send this gift link to your friend. You will earn extra 2020 stamps after your friend collects your stamps.

Send Money & Get Google Pay Stamps

Get chances of collecting Disco or Ballon & other rare 2020 Stamps by sending money on Google Pay. Send or Pay more than Rs.150 to your friends or a merchant via QR or UPI there are 100% chances of Disco & Ballon Stamps.
You can make a transaction on other Google Pay accepting Online Platform like Airtel, Redbus, Cred App, Magic Pin & Zingoy.

Complete The Cake Layer & Get Exciting Prize.

In this Google Pay 2020 Welcome Offer you can see all of 7 stamps are arranged within the cake by 3 layers. 1st & 2nd layer contains 6 stamps & 1st layer contains only one stamp. You can get an Exciting Prize By completing each layer with Google Pay 2020 rewards. You can earn More than Rs.200 per layer complete. That means you are getting the extra reward with Rs.202 to Rs.2020 scratch after complete 3 layers of the cake. Collect all 7 stamps & complete the cake layer to earn money.

Google Pay Disco & Selfie Stamp Tricks

Disco Stamp Trick: To complete Google Pay 2020 Offer you need to collect all 7 stamps & completing the cake layer. But the Disco stamp is very difficult to get. In some rare cases, it is coming. In this article, we will reveal how you will get both Disco & Selfie stamp easily which is more difficult to get. There are only 4 methods to get Selfi & Disco stamps.It’s the best way to get disco stamps for google pay.

Learn bellow 4 points to get a disco & selfie stamp.

  • Add Money Upto Rs.150 On Paytm Wallet Using Google Pay UPI.
  • Use Google Pay To Add Money More Than Rs.150 On Airtel Payment Bank
  • Send Money Upto Rs.150 To A Google Pay Offline Merchant Using QR Code or UPI. (If you can’t find any Google Pay Merchant then send it to our merchant @okbizaxis)
  • Make Bill Payment Of Rs.300 On Cred App Using Google Pay.

New Tricks To Get Disco, Toffee, Piza & Selfie Stamps

Hi, guy, we find another trick there are 99% high chances to get Disco Stamps or Other Toffee, Piza & Selfie stamps. However, you will get all Google Pay 2020 stamps Disco & Selfie guaranteed by these tricks. Let’s dive into it.

Google Pay Disco, Selfie & Toffee Stamps Urban Clap Tricks

Toffee, Disco Selfie Stamps Trick:- There is 90% probably of Toffee Stamp, Selfie Stamp & Disco Stamps by Urban Cla trick. Disco & Selfie Stamp chances are high in it. Do transactions at Urban Clap & Book a salon get more chances for Disco Stamp. Let understand how to get a stamp from Urban Clap. Book a salon at Urban Clap App. Now it’s charging Rs.99 For refunding.

Note: Now Urban Clap is charging ₹99 For Refund so don’t try to these tricks. Join Our Telegram For latest stamp tricks & live offer updates.

  1. Open Google Pay App
  2. Goto Offer Section & Select “Urban Clap” or Go though
  3. Click On Booing or Manage A Salon
  4. Select Saloon For Men Or Men Massage
  5. Choose A Hair Cut or Massage Under Rs. 300 at Men Salon
  6. Choose Your City as Delhi or New Delhi
  7. Now Fill Your Details Name & Address
  8. Select An Appointment Time Slot
  9. Now Pay The Order Amount Via Google Pay
  10. Woohoo! You will get a scratch card & one disco or selfie stamp
  11. Then Goto manage your booking & cancel your booking
  12. You will get a 100% refund instantly. ( Now it’s charging ₹99 for refunding, so don’t try)

We will add more trick soon.

You Can Use This Trick Maximum of 5 times in a day. I got 2 Disco Stamps, 2 Pizza Stamps & 1 Selfie Stamps in this trick.

Disco & Toffee Stamps Trick

Top Trick For Selfie, Disco & Toffee Stamp

Now Get Disco Stamp By Sending Minimum Of Rs.101 To A Offline Verified Google Pay Merchant By Scanning QR Code. For more information check this post.

Get Disco Stamp From Ola Money: Add Money In OLA Money Using Google Pay UPI & Get a Disco Stamp.

You can transfer Ola money to your bank. The minimum transaction value is ₹98.

New Trick To Get Disco Stamps

1. Use Google Pay UPI Only Add Money At Buyhatke there is a high chance of Disco & Selfie stamps. (Minimum Rs.150)

2. Pay to Authorize Offline Merchant Via QR or UPI High Of Disco & Selfie Stamps

More Disco Stamp Trick Will Coming Soon.

Disco, Selfie, Pizza & Toffee Stamps Trick

Use this trick to get Google Pay Selfie Stamp or other 4 stamps at once trick. You can use this trick 5 times per day. There are 90% chances of Disco, Toffee, Selfie & Other Rare Stamps. This offer from Goibibo & Google Pay. Book a Hotel in Google Pay Goibibo Business App & get Google Pay 2020 stamps. You can cancel the hotel & get a refund instantly after collecting your stamps. Let’s understand the offer by step.

  1. Goto Offer Section On Google Pay
  2. Click On Book a Hotel or Ticket
  3. Select Your location
  4. Search a hotel by shorting lowest price
  5. Choose a low price hotel which has a 100% refund policy
  6. Now Click to book
  7. Complete the Payment Using Google Pay
  8. Hola! You will get a Disco or a Selfie stamp
  9. Now Goto Order Manager and cancel this order. I
  10. You will get the refund instantly

You can use this trick maximum 5 times per day. There is positivity for other rare stamps in this trick. Try it and enjoy.

New Trick To Get Disco Stamp

We have an awesome new trick to get the Disco Stamp of Google Pay 2020 Offer. In this trick, you have to nothing to pay extra for getting the stamp. Yes, now you can get a Disco Stamp From Google Pay Gold Offer. Google Pay is now offering a Disco stamp on Buying Gold On Google Pay App. You can enjoy this trick to get a disco stamp. Let’s. explain this Google Pay 2020 offer trick.

  1. Open Google Pay App
  2. Goto Search Bar & Search “Gold” & click on it
  3. Enter the amount of Gold more than Rs.98
  4. Now processed to Payment
  5. Pay Using Google Pay UPI
  6. After Your transaction got successful you will get a disco stamp instantly
  7. Now sold the gold amount will be credited instantly in your bank account

New Update Of Google Pay 2020 Offers

Hello, all we know that Google Pay has Expand it’s Welcome 2020 Offer for two times per a customer. Before a user can practicepate only once in this Google Pay 2020 Offer. But now everyone can do this offer for two times like Diwali Stamp Offer. Now who have already completed this offer do it again. The offer last date is 31st December 2019 but there is a high chance of Offer Extended to January 15th. Google Pay has Plan to launch similar stamp offer on 26th January as a Republic Day Of India.

We know all are facing issues to collect Disco stamp to complete the Google Pay 2020 offer. We are effort on it and finding the way how yo get a disco stamp. You will get all update about this 2020 offer here so please stay with us. Bookmark our site SasteDeal.Com now.

Thanks for giving your time on our site, Of you have any query related this offer then must comment on the bellow. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest loot offers & deals.

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