Google Pay Go India Goa Event Quiz Answers – Win Up To ₹100

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As we know Goa ticket is a rare ticket of Google Pay Go India offer. We all give so many efforts to get a Goa ticket in the Google Pay Go India game. But now, you will get an unlimited Go India Goa Ticket for free because the Goa event is coming soon. Yes, on 27th November Google Pay Goa event will be started. This time you will definitely get a free Goa ticket without any transaction. This event will be available from 27th November to 29th November 2020. If you are coming to get Go India Goa Event Quiz Answer for 27th November then check bellow.

Google Pay Go India Event in Goa & Earn up to ₹5-₹100 Scratch card & rare tickets. Google Pay Go India has declared another new event held in Goa city from 27th November to 29th November 2020. There is a high chance to earn a scratch card & Goa ticket in this event by giving Quiz answers. You can earn cashback by visit Goa and take on Event Quiz Answers. You will get Google Pay Go India Event In Goa Quiz Answers in this post. Which will lead you to win scratch card, Kilometres & tickets in Go India Diwali offer. Google Pay Goa event is starting on 27th November 2020. This event will available from 27th November 2020 to 29th November 2020. Get the answers from our site and complete this event to get cashback up to Rs.5-Rs.100.

Previously we have shared Google Pay Go India Diwali Rangoli Event and Chennai Event Quiz Answers. Like another event, we will share Goa Event Quiz Answers in this post; check the answers to win ₹100.


Google Pay Go India Event In Goa

Upcoming Google Pay Go India Event Cities:-

  1. Nainital Event From 2nd December to 4th December
  2. Kochi Event From 10th December to 12th December
  3. Gaya Event From 15th December to 17th December
  4. Baster Event From 18th December

These data are collect from Google internal sources. It may be rumours or facts.

Google Pay Go India Goa Event Quiz Answers

Google Pay Go India’s upcoming Goa Event will be started on 10th November 2020. This event will be live till 27th November. The previous Go India Mumbai event was held on 6th November 2020. We presented all the quiz answers to this event below in this post. Like this, you will get the Goa City Event Quiz Answers also in this post. There will be a total of 5 Quizzes in this event. You have to give all the correct answers to win a scratch card. Otherwise, you will get KM or Ticket. Collect Goa city ticket now to Join Google Pay Go India Goa Quiz Event.

If you have a Goa ticket, then you can participate in this event. Otherwise, you can earn or request your friends to get a Goa ticket. To get a Goa City ticket from Google Pay is very easy. You can get it by doing any random task. But I’m going to share a tick to get Goa City Ticket easily without making any effort. Learn the steps guide to get a Goa city ticket for participating in this event.

How To Get Goa City Ticket

We are going to share a amazing trick to get Go India Goa Ticket for free. However you want to start Goa Event then use this trick to collect the Goa city ticket for free.

How to get Go India Goa Ticket

Follow the guide to get Goa city ticket within 2 minutes.

  1. Firstly open Google Pay App
  2. Tap on Go India offer icon
  3. You will landed at Google Pay Go India offer page
  4. There you will see Upcoming Event option
  5. Click on the upcoming Goa Event Option.
  6. There you will see a share option.
  7. Tab to share Goa Event with WhatsApp, Facebook, or other platforms
  8. You will instantly get Goa City in your account.
  9. Otherwise, you can earn a Goa ticket by doing DTH recharge & bills payment

Another Trick To Get Go India Goa Ticket

On 27th November 2020 the upcoming Google Pay Go India event in Goa will be started. If you want to join this event then you must have a Goa ticket to get join. We know Goa is a very rare ticket to get. We all do so many tasks to get this ticket but didn’t get it, But in this trick you will know how to get a goa ticket for free.

  • Open Google Pay App
  • Click On + New Payment Option
  • You will see the Bill Payment option there.
  • Tap on Bill Payment Option, choose mobile postpaid.
  • Enter any prepaid number & complete the payment
  • You will instantly get a Goa ticket.
  • Use this ticket to visit Goa City & Join in Goa Event Quiz.

There’s high chances to get rare ticket like Kochi, Puri & Nanital by doing Postpaid recharge. Check below for event answers.

Google Pay Go India India Goa Event Quiz Answers

Presenting you all the correct answers for Goa Event Questions. Give 5 correct answers using these answers list to win Cashback or a rare Go India City Ticket from this Goa Event.

Go India Goa Event Quiz Answers will be update shortly. Please stay and refresh the page until answer are not update. If you facing any issue then join our Telegram Channel for fast update.

Question 1:-Which of the following is a popular Goa drink?

Answer:- Kokum Juice

Question 2:-

Answer:- Dudhsagar Falls

Question 3:- Which of the following is a popular shopping in Goa?

Answer:- Arpora Night Market

Question 4:- Which of the following forts is located in Goa?

Answer:- Chapora Fort

Question 5:-

Answer:- Never Install Any Such Software

Question 6:- Xacuti, Saraptel and Vindaloo are examples of

Answer:- Curries

Question 7:- This Church located in Goa is the largest church of Asia

Answer:- Se Cathedral

Question 8:-

Answer:- Gokarna

Question 9:-

Answer:- Calangute Beach

Google Pay Goa Event Question Answers are update. Please refresh the page to get all Quiz answer.

We promise to give all right answers of Goa Quiz Event in this page.

How to Play or Participate in Google Pay Goa Event

To participate in Google Pay Goa Event Quiz programme follow the guides.

  1. Open Google Pay App
  2. Tab on Go India offer icon
  3. Now you will see Goa Event Option. Collect a Goa city ticket to start this event
  4. Click on Go button to visit Goa city
  5. Once you visited Goa city the Event Option will be unlocked
  6. You will see Start Go Event Option there
  7. Now Click on Start Event button
  8. The Goa Event Quiz will be started
  9. Play & Give correct Answers to all 5 questions of the event
  10. If your all answers get correct you will earn Cashback ₹5-₹101 or a rare city ticket


Google Pay Go India is one of the most exciting offer. So many users are completed this offer and get cashback upto ₹101. You can earn ₹101-₹501 by visiting 30 cities in this offer. I personally visited all 30 cities and got cashback worth ₹466. If you complete your journey in this offer then you will get a scratch card worth ₹101-₹501.

Google Pay Go India Event is giving a opportunities to earn extra money & Tickets. It’s will be help to collect all city tickets and complete the offer quickly. In this post we only talk about Goa Event. We have provide all the quiz answers of Goa Event in this article please check and play correctly; if you have any query related to Goa Quiz Event, comment with us below. To get more updates on our site join our Telegram channel or follow us on Facebook. Thanks for reading our post.

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