Google Pay Merchant Diwali Offer -Get ₹1001 By Collecting All Stamps


Google Pay for Business Har Din Diwali Offer Earn Up To Rs.1000

Google Pay Merchant Diwali Offer, Google Pay For Bsuiness Har Din Diwali Stamp Offer:- A few days ago we shared Google Pay Go India Diwali offer on our site This offer is currently available to all Google Pay users you can check it now. But in this post, we going to share another Google Pay exciting offer in which you will get Rs.1001 cashback in your bank account directly. This offer is called Google Pay Har Din Diwali offer and this offer is only for Google Pay For Business users. If you are a Google Pay Merchant then you can access this offer. Otherwise, you can create a new google pay merchant account to get it. Let’s know how to celebrate Google pay for Business Har Din Diwali Offer to earn Rs.1001 scratch card by collecting stamps.

What Is Google Pay Merchant Diwali Offer or Har Din Diwali

Google Pay Merchant Diwali offer is a stamp offer like Google Pay Diwali Stamp Offer. In which you will earn Rs.1001 directly in your bank account by collecting all merchant Diwali Stamps. You will get Rs.1001 for collecting 12 stamps & earn rs.251 for collecting all 5 differents stamps during the offer period. On collecting 1 stamp you will get scrath card up to Rs.21 daily. You will earn Rs.101 for collecting 3 stamps.

If you are Google Pay verified merchant then you can access this offer. You can verify your Google Pay Merchant account through an agent near you. We clarify to you once again this offer is only for Google Pay For Business or Google Pay Merchant account only. For Google Pay users Go India offer is available. In which you can earn up to Rs.501 by visiting all cities in India. But in Google Pay Merchant Har Din Diwali Offer you will earn Rs.1001 by collecting 12 stamps & Rs.251 by collecting 5 stamps within 25th November. Let’s know how to collect Diwali stamps in Google Pay For Business App.

Collect stamps and earn rewards daily by 16th November 2020. The more stamps you collect, the more rewards you get. 

Google Pay Har Din Diwali Offer
  • Daily Shagun: Collect 1 stamp a day and you will earn one scratch card worth up to ₹21 daily 
  • Gift of 3: Collect 3 stamps of the same type and you will earn a scratch card worth up to ₹101
  • All Five: Collect all 5 different stamps and you will earn an assured reward of ₹251 in your bank
  • Happy Diwali: Collect 12 stamps to earn up to ₹1001 in your bank account

How To Collect Stamps In Google Pay Merchant Diwali Offer

There are five deafferents Diwali stamps in this offer. Likewise Flower, Diya, Samosa, Lantern & Ladoo stamp. There are 16 grids available to collect all those stamps. You can collect the stamp daily to jump the grids and unlock so many rewards through it. This offer is available from 1st November 2020 to 16th November 2020. You have to received minimum of rs.20 from your customer to get a stamp. Let’s know the all process to collect all the stamps & complete the 16 grids to earn Rs.1001 cashback in bank account.

Google Pay Merchant Diwali Stamp Offer
  • 1st You must be a verified Google Pay Merchant to enable this offer (To verified your merchant account contact us or comment your number)
  • Once you enable this offer then you able to participate in this Har Din Diwali offer

Steps to collect Diwali stamps

  1. Download Google Pay For Business App from play store
  2. Register a new merchant account
  3. Setup your Google Pay merchant account
  4. verified your Google pay Business account by an agent (Contact us to verify your account)
  5. Once account got verified you will see this Har Din Diwali offer is enable in your reward page
  6. You should have to collect payment via your QR code to get the stamp
  7. The minimum received amount should be Rs.20 to a stamp
  8. Collect dauily one stamp to get Rs.21 scrath card daily
  9. On collecting 3 stamps you will get Rs.101 in your bank
  10. After you collect all 5 stamps you will earn Rs.251 into your bank account
  11. Collect 12 stamps to get chances to earn upto Rs.1001 cashback

Note:- This offer is enable for only Google Pay verified merchant only. If you are not a verified Google Pay merchant then verified it by an agent.

Terms & Conditions

To participate in a Google Pay for Business offer, you must agree to these offer terms and conditions. 

  1. There are five different stamps that you can collect: Flower, Diya, Samosa, Lantern and Ladoo. 
  2. You will earn one stamp per day if you complete the specified collection method. You can collect one stamp per day, up to a maximum of 16 stamps during the Offer period. 
  3. When you collect one stamp, you will receive a scratch card worth up to Indian Rupees Twenty One (₹21). You can earn one scratch card per day, up to a maximum of sixteen during the offer period. 
  4. When you collect three stamps of the same type, you will receive a scratch card worth up to Indian Rupees One Hundred and One (INR 101). You can earn a maximum of 5 scratch cards during the Offer Period. 
  5. When you collect all five different stamps, you will receive an assured reward of worth Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty One (₹251). You can earn only one reward during the Offer Period. 
  6. When you collect twelve stamps during the Offer Period, you will receive a scratch card where you stand a chance to earn up to Indian Rupees One thousand one (₹1001). 
  7. By accepting a prize, you agree that Google may use your name and image for advertising and promotional purposes, without additional consent from or compensation to you.
  8. Each Google Pay for Business merchant can only use one set of Google Pay credentials that has not been previously registered with Google Pay for Business, which includes but is not limited to a Google Account, phone number, bank account number, PAN, to qualify this offer.
  9. The Sender and Recipient of a transaction must have different Google Pay credentials.
  10. Please be sure that you have a UPI enabled account linked to your Google Pay for Business app within forty-five (45) days of claiming the Reward, failing which the Reward will be deemed to be forfeited.


I give my all effort to make this post most interesting that you able to understand easily. I hope you understand this Google Pay Merchant Diwali Offer & be ready to do it. This Google Pay Merchant Har Din Diwali Offer valid for 16th November 2020. Grab this offer within the offer period to earn money. You can check Google Pay Go India Offer from our old post. Share this post with your friends & family so why then can earn some money to celebrate this Diwali joyful.

Thanks for reading our post. Wish you very happy Diwali from our family. Please join our telegram Channel for more updates related our site.

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