How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft Bedrock [Minecraft PE]

Minecraft Bedrock: How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft PE, How To Builds Room & Beds For Breeding Villagers.

If you are looking for best guide to breed villagers in Minecraft then this article for you. You will get to know all the procedures to breed Villegers in Minecraft Bedrock. So, you are at the point where you want to be more effective while playing the Minecraft Bedrock Edition game. While looking for some gaming strategies, you came to know about the Villagers Breeding. Now, you want to learn the ins and out of every viable method to make Villagers breed in Minecraft PE.

No worries! We have covered every significant aspect regarding this topic below. We already did a post on how to make a Circle Chart in Minecraft. In this post, we will give you a detailed course of action to answer the long “Breeding” questions in your mind, How to breed villagers in the Minecraft game?


What do you mean by Breeding villagers in Minecraft (PE) Bedrock and its purpose?

It refers to creating more virtual villagers in the game by giving them essential items for the breeding process. They will give birth to children, increasing the number of villagers. Now, this whole process becomes effective owing to the surge in the workforce of your Minecraft. Your increased villagers will escalate the number of daily chores, like farming, trading, and other vital tasks in the game.

How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft Bedrock PE?

So, without any further delay. Here’s what you should do to experience the quick increment in your working villagers. You can effectuate the breeding process of villagers while following the below-mentioned procedures.

Search for any randomly spawned Village and help Villagers Breed In Minecraft Bedrock

  1. Start your search for the villages that spawn randomly in Minecraft. You have to be patient in order to come across a suitable Village for you.
  2. After you find one, the first condition is to have two or more villagers there because it is the mandatory requirement of the breeding process.
  3. Then, build a structure or building in the village with at least one opening with a door affixed. It is another yet essential requirement for the breeding process to take effect as it keeps villagers from roaming here and there or escaping. The building will keep them together. (You can construct the building with any type of building material, including stones, wood, etc.
  4. This building you create should have two beds for the breeding villagers and a third bed for the offspring they will give birth to. To manufacture the bed for them, you need three pieces of wool and three wood plank blocks. Open the crafting menu and place them to have the bed.
  5. Now, get the two villagers into a single room with three beds. Now, everything depends on their will. When the villagers (or AI) find all the conditions completed and suitable, they will breed.
  6. After a short span of time, they will give birth to an offspring claiming the third bed that is unclaimed. You can let this process replicate as long as the unclaimed bed is available in the room.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Always try to cover the windows with iron bars or glass. The baby villagers may escape from these small openings that you do not want.
  • The locked door or the fence gate is the preferred option to eliminate the chances of any escape. As villagers are capable of opening and closing the doors by themselves.
  • If you want to keep them stuck together, another aspect is to keep them engaged in the occupations. The allotment of the Occupation is a bit technical where you need to consider the distance.

The villagers who have workstations available near them would get automatically assigned to that work. If you need some specific villagers to work on specific occupations, then place the villagers away from the workstations to be allocated.

Utilize the Gardens to escalate the Breeding of Villagers In Minecraft BE

The utilization of the Gardens happens to be another effective method for speeding up the breeding process. The reproduction method to give birth to new baby villagers entirely depends on the willingness of the villagers.

  1. Build them a garden in their vicinity, enabling them to sow and harvest crops.
  2. The villagers will commence harvesting the crops on their own and then accrue them in their inventories.
  3. It would increase the willingness of the working villagers to breed quickly.
  4. The villagers will execute other tasks. And subsequently, they will continue with the breeding process till they run out of unclaimed beds.

Facilitate the Breeding process with Provision of Food

This way also aids the breeding process considerably. Let’s understand the involved steps in providing food for breeding.

  • Firstly, you have to gather the food. The requirement for facilitating the breeding is any of the one items.
  1. Bread loaves – 3
  2. Fully grown Carrots – 12
  3. Fully grown Beetroots – 12
  4. Potatoes – 12

When the villagers have any one of these food items in their inventory, they can readily breed. These items can be easily found and harvested from the village gardens of a specific food item. To obtain the carrot and potatoes, you need to have access to their fully grown states showing the fully grown leaves in both cases. Beware as some potatoes can be poisonous and are useless.

For the beetroot, you need to have their seeds to grow them in the fields or gardens. You can recognize the point to harvest them if the green leaves and top red part of beetroot peek out of the ground.

For the loaves of bread, there are two usual ways. First, you can buy the bread from the villagers or find them somewhere in the chests of the in-game village. Otherwise, you can make the bread with three wheat bushels and a crafting table.

  • Supplying the Gathered Food to villagers

It is the simple way where you can throw the gathered food in front of the villagers that would breed. The thrown food quantity should commensurate to the above-listed quantities.

It can be effectuated by clicking the “Q” key on your keyboard after equipping the food. Then after you have thrown it in front of Minecraft villagers, they will pick the food and store that in the in-game inventory.

How do you breed villagers in Minecraft BE with trading?

Now, let’s take you through Minecraft’s trading process, which would aid in escalating the breeding process in this video game. The villagers will trade the items for which there is a requirement. It is mandatory to have the items in your inventory that a villager needs to trade with their items. If you can supply them with the items they require and the trading process is successful. You can repeat the process until you have the desired items.

With enough subsequent trades done, the game AI acknowledges 20% chances (i.e., around one in five trades) to emanate the feeling of breeding in the villagers. Besides, you should also keep another willing-to-breed villager near the other one. The villagers, after becoming ready to breed, do not find their mating partner on their own.

A brief explanation about Breeding Process

After you have gathered both willing-to-breed villagers close to each other in a room with three beds for them. At the start of the breeding process, they will come close to each other face to face. The dark red hearts will start to emerge out of the floating above them. After 20 minutes, the baby villager will render.


1. How to spawn a villager in any empty village?

The spawning process to get new villagers in Minecraft is not possible. One possible way is to search for any zombie villager and cure them. You can use the potion and Golden apple for this purpose.

2. How do you breed a Zombie villager?

The Zombie villager is the hostile creature in the game. They are not meant to be bred. Besides, with the exposure to sunlight, the zombie villagers will die. Hence, if you are curing them, keep them safe from sunlight.

3. Should I just throw the food at villagers to give them and make them willing to mate or breed?

Ans. Yes, throwing the food at the villagers is what you have to do. They will run and pick up the food and keep them in their respective inventory. It makes them happy and escalates their willingness to breed.
You should have the option “Mob Griefing” on for this purpose, otherwise, they will not pick the food up.

4. Is it possible that the villager’s willingness increases on their own and they breed?

No, they need to unlock the willingness for breeding to take place. For that, you should trade the items they want and also provide them with enough unclaimed beds. The higher the level of their satisfaction, the higher the chances of the breeding process.

Conclusion: Minecraft Brock Bread Breeding To Villegers

Till now, you’ve probably got an insight into the methods and requirements for the breeding process of Minecraft gaming. You should provide them with enough beds, satisfy their trade requirements, provide them gardens and rooms with doors bringing the willing villagers together. Hence, it will accomplish all the necessary steps for breeding villagers.

With this, we came to the end of this article. You can find more gaming-related informational pieces on our website. Hope! It helped you!

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