Minecraft Smoker Recipe

How To Make Smoker In Minecraft – Minecraft Smoker Recipe & Benefits

Minecraft Smoker: How To Make Minecraft Smoker, Differents Between Minecraft Smoker Vs Furnace, Recipe to make Smoker

So, you’ve probably heard from an in-game friend or any other peer about the Minecraft Smoker. Or Your Minecraft gaming needs are surging, and while searching for new things about Minecraft, you came across it. Now while searching the recipe of this exotic cooking tool in Minecraft, you landed here. Well! You are at an apt place where we will cover every related aspect about it and give you a clearer picture of the question, What is Minecraft Smoker?

First, we will briefly explore the Minecraft game. It is a three-dimensional world where multiple players build various buildings, furniture, and many other items. This video game incorporates two modes, namely Survival and Creative. In the survival mode (the prominent one), the players find their food supplies and other materials to build their residing places. It is a popular video game developed by the Swedish developer Mojang Studios.

What does a smoker do in Minecraft?

To put it simply, you need the heat to cook your food in real life. And the game is inspired by daily events of real life, the raw food you capture in Minecraft has to be cooked. Thus, the Smoker in Minecraft, which is better than a Furnace, cooks the food twice as fast as the ordinary Furnace.

How To Make Minecraft Smoker

How to make Smoker in Minecraft?

Now we will get straight to one of the Minecraft Smoker recipes, which would require the enlisted ingredients mentioned below.

  • Four wood planks, which will make a Crafting Table
  • Blocks of wood or logs – 4
  • Required 8 cobblestones that will create a Furnace (an essential ingredient for making a Smoker)

Now, after you have gathered all the above ingredients, let’s proceed to the detailed procedure. The procedure will involve many small parts to create the required items.

Steps to create wooden planks with logs

  1. After you have collected the wood logs, open the crafting menu
  2. Then place one wood log in a two-by-two crafting menu, and it will give you four wooden planks.

After getting the four wood planks, let’s create the Crafting table if you do not have one.

  1. You would require four wood planks. Open the crafting GUI (with four boxes).
  2. Then place four wood planks in the four available boxes on the left side.

It will create a crafting table that will be useful for every creation. If you do not have a Furnace available in the Inventory then let’s make one. It is essential for manufacturing a Smoker.

Steps involved in creating a Furnace

  1. On collecting all the essential cobblestones, Open the table menu for Crafting.
  2. You will come across 9 boxes on the left side in a 3*3 menu and one box on the right.
  3. Then place the eight cobblestones in the outer boxes ditching the middlebox empty.
  4. After taking some time, you can store the resulting Furnace in your inventory space.

Steps involved in making Minecraft Smoker

Now, with a furnace and four woodblocks, you can readily make the desired Minecraft Smoker. Here is how you can do it.

  1. The first step includes the opening of the Crafting Table section with the grid of 3*3.
  2. Then from the Inventory, place the created cobblestone Furnace in the middlebox of the 9 boxes.
  3. Now, you need to place the four wood logs in the four mentioned positions with respect to the Furnace position, which is above, right, below, and left side. Leaving all the corner boxes.
  4. After creating the desired Smoker, you can transfer it to your items Inventory and place it anywhere.

With this, your exotic Smoker is ready to cook food, saving your time.

What’s the smoker function in Minecraft?

You can utilize this efficient cooking tool for cooking the food that gives you energy in the game. Besides, it can cook you some of the specific food items. Here is the list of food that Minecraft Smoker can cook.

  • Baked Potato (requires the only Potato that can be taken from fields in villages or grown)
  • Steak (it requires raw beef from cows roaming or lying in villages of the game)
  • Cooked Porkchop (raw Porkchop that dropped from the dead pig)
  • To Cook Mutton (raw Mutton obtained from the sheep)
  • Cooked chicken (raw chicken obtained by killing chickens)
  • For Cooked rabbit (requires raw rabbit and smoker fuel)
  • Cooked Salmon (requires Salmon fish from ponds or rivers and smoker fuel)
  • Dried kelp (it requires kelp obtained from kelp plants underwater and the fuel)

Everything mentioned can be cooked by having their raw counterparts and the Smoker fuel. Open the Smoker Menu and add the fuel in the below box and the Raw item in the above box. The flames, shown between the boxes, will light up, and the food will cook in some time.

Points to Remember:

  • You cannot use the wood Planks to make this Minecraft Smoker.
  • The wood logs used can be of different types. Some popular wood logs you would find are Oak, Teak, Dark Oak, Spruce, Birch, Acacia, etc.
  • You can also get the furnace, wood logs, sometimes smokers from the villages.
  • You can use the Minecraft Smokers to process the items that will give you edible food items and replenish your energy.


Ques 1. Can I push or pull the Minecraft Smoker with the help of Sticky Piston?

Ans. The Sticky Pistons in Minecraft are capable of pushing or pulling the other blocks of the game. However, you cannot push or pull the Smoker or even Furnace with the help of these Pistons or Sticky pistons.

Ques 2. What are the foods cooked in the Minecraft Smoker?

Ans. You can cook several types of raw foods in the Smoker, and that too twice as fast as a regular furnace. Some foods include cooked meat, beef, chicken, rabbit, and many other fishes, including Salmon and Cod.

Ques 3. Where will you get the Smoker in Creative mode?

Ans. You can search in the Decorative blocks panel. There you can found the Smokers while being in the Creative Mode.

Ques 4. Which fuel can we use for the Minecraft Smoker?

Ans. The usual fuel that works well with Furnace and Blast Furnace can also be used in the Smokers, for example, coal & wood.

Ques 5. Can I pick up or remove the placed Smoker with my fist or any other tools?

Ans. If you want to replace the Minecraft Smoker, the tool named Pickaxe is the only solution. Other Minecraft tools or your fist will eventually destroy the Smoker after some tries. The pick-up option will appear only with a Pickaxe.


With this, we have reached the end of this article. We hope you learned a lot, and every doubt about Minecraft Smoker should have been cleared by now.


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