10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting To Setup A Virtual Server

10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting To Build A Virtual Server: When it comes to online gaming, the severs play a very important role. All online games use servers to connect all players remotely access & allow them to play with each other. The craze for games for everyone, especially teenagers, is one thing that doesn’t require explanation. We all have a love for video games. This is one of the reasons that the video game industry is constantly booming. But if I have to pick out one game, out of a whole set of universes, that has transcended all the boundaries to become ‘favorite of all’ in the true sense, then it is “Minecraft”.

10 Best Minecraft Cloud Server Hosting

Launched in 2009, Minecraft is termed as a ‘game of no rules.’ There are no instructions, limitations or goals of the game. A player is allowed to play and explore the world of Minecraft in whatever manner suits them. With so much flexibility, you can create a world of your own, seek fantasies, fight an army or roam around for an adventure. Even ‘Westworld’ had fixed plots, but this game has practically no fixed narrative.


How to Start Playing Minecraft?

Getting started with the game is super easy. You just need to go to the official website, which is Minecraft.net. Locate the purchase link there. Make payment and download the game. Install the downloaded package on your device – computer or smartphone. However, the real fun of Minecraft is in playing it in teams. If you own the Server, it means you own everything. All the plugins, mods become available to you for installation. You can invite anyone to play. Create backups and use them in the future if you need to. You need to put the game on the Server to be connected to the internet and play with your friends’ army.

Hosting a Minecraft server is not easy, as it requires some amount of planning, research, and money, of course. In general, a good amount of CPU and adequate RAM is necessary for a start. The requirements may vary depending on the number of players you want to connect to the game. The hardware requirement may be summarised as follows:

  1. 1-3 players: at least intel or AMD k-8 based CPU processors, 10 GB or more hard drive to run an operating system and the game itself, 2 GB of RAM
  2. 3-5 players: intel core-based processors or AMD K-8 based CPU, 20 GB space on the hard drive so that enough memory is available to run the game smoothly, 4GB RAM
  3. 5-7 players: Either Nehalem based CPU of intel or K-10 based processors manufactured by AMD, 25 GB hard drive space along with at least 6 GB of RAM
  4. Eight or more players: 8 GB RAM with a minimum of 40 GB of space on the hard drive, the processor should be either intel Nehalem based or K-10 CPU by AMD

While deciding on the hardware, it must always be kept in mind that the hard drives chosen have good clock speed with compatible read/write speeds. The RAM must be built up with the latest technology – DDR4 or similar. These are not just numbers, but the smoothness of your game will depend on the specifications chosen by you. After that, you need to install some software to create a server on your computer.

Hosting on online web-based servers has become more popular than the complex coded servers in your basement. The number of hosting service providers is facilitating specified services for Minecraft only, which can be utilized to your advantage. At the same time, you can save time, money, and many of your efforts, which could have been used somewhere else, like purchasing a coke and playing more Minecraft.

Advantages of Hosting Minecraft on Web-Based Servers

Though it is outstanding to host your Minecraft game on your computer by running a server on it, it is cheap, and you and your friend may never face any issue in playing on such a setup. However, in the long run, this idea may be proved to be counterproductive for you. The reasons can be many, sometimes depending on specific conditions which might not apply to you. Or simply, it might work perfectly fine for you. Yet, I am mentioning here some reasons to purchase an online hosting service for your Minecraft.

  • Improved Performance: Minecraft is running on a Server created on your computer. At the same time, you are playing the game on the same computer. This will create colossal resource demand on the part of the computer, and one of them or both may succumb to this lack of computing resources. You will certainly not like to play a game that is lagging and showing snail-like behaviours. Also, your friends will have a bad experience playing because your Server failed.

When you host your game on a remote server, you are provided with dedicated computing resources, specially allocated to you in, probably, the cloud. With dedicated computing power, you will never face a lagging game server crisis any longer.

  • Low Latency on Premium Networks: Latency is the ability of a computer network to process a very high volume of incident requests with minimal delay (latency). Low latency is significant in computer operations, the servers in particular, where near-real-time access to frequently updating data is a necessity.

Hosting Minecraft Server on your computer means you are probably using your residential internet connection. Most ISPs are not designed to provide low latency, as it increases the cost, and residential connections are meant to be price-focused rather than performance.

Minecraft server hosted on cloud utilizes enterprise grid network which is meant to be high on performance. This will ensure the best available connection for your game with a low latency gaming experience.

  • 24*7 Availability: If Minecraft is hosted on your home computer, then the machine has to be up all the time. Our machines are not designed to be used so; they need to be powered off. Otherwise, they will crash. Powering off the device means your game is now not available to others.

If you host your Minecraft on the cloud, you can be relieved that the game is up and accessible all the time to the players.

  • Reduced Cost: Powering your home computer 24*7 can be a cumbersome and exhausting deal for your home computer. Your computer may burn out in a month or two. Also, the electricity consumption is high as, one, you need good computing power, two, cooling arrangements are also required. Then comes the cost of a high-speed internet connection.

However, if you opt to use an online service, you can utilize what economists call ‘economy-of-scale. In simple words, since a big firm provides hosting services to thousands of customers, the cost comes down, which is highly beneficial for you. Some hosting services are as cheap as just $100 a year.

  • Support: Has there been any venture on this earth that has not run into problems. One of the disadvantages of hosting on your home computer is that you don’t know whom to go to if you run into some trouble. Your friends know no better than you.

Online Hosting provides expert support. They are readily available for you in case you ever face any issue.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Hosting Service Providers [Minecraft Server]

Here’s a rundown of the 10 best hosting providing services for Minecraft virtual server setup. all these were tested for various aspects by our team, and proved to be the best so far.

1. APEX Hosting

APEX hosting is currently the leader in online Minecraft hosting services available in the market. Along with the services that include plugins, mods, multi-games, maps, control panel, they also provide an extensive collection of video tutorials and guides, lest you should stick somewhere in the middle.

Important Features

Their packages include unlimited hardware and bandwidth, ensuring that your Minecraft server shows the best performance without any hurdles getting in your way.

In terms of the quality of technology they are offering, their runtime is worth a special mention. Up and running in no time, their servers work beautifully. They handle the issue of bad connections/requests in a significant way.

APEX hosting is also great at handling DDoS attacks. Their network is rated to handle a large chunk of such attacks, including up to 300gbps, which might prove to be lethal if your hosting provider has not thought about it.

Whenever you have an issue, APEX is known to provide the fastest support among the competitors. They are known to offer clear and understandable guidance and solutions.


RAMServer FeaturesPricing
1 GBBasic Servers$5.99 a month
2 GBBasic servers and a few mod packs$9.99 a month
4 GBBasic Servers and most mod packs$19.99 a month
6 GBBasic Servers and all mod packs$29.99 a month
8 GBBasic servers and all modpacks$39.99 a month
10 GBBasic servers and all modpacks$49.99 a month

Though the packages offered by APEX are a bit costly, they provide the best in service. The best comes with a cost. However, this is not the end of the world; several hosting services offer comparable services at much cheaper rates; you can opt for that. They do not have any significant disadvantage, and you won’t even feel a difference most of the time.

2. ShockByte

Providing services since 2013, ShockByte is mainly known for being one of the most budget-friendly hosting service providers in the market.

Important Features

ShockByte provides free subdomains and MCPC & MCPE cross-compatibility. There are many benefits of having a custom subdomain. You can share this subdomain with your friends, which is easy to remember and eliminates the requirement of having a static IP address.

Whatever your goals to make Minecraft server are – whether you want to make a popular server and make money out of it or you want to make a mega server with full-time employees on it or a fan/patron-only Server or merely a private server to be used among friends, ShockByte has proved its competence in all such areas.

ShockByte uses leading data centres that ensure high bandwidth and premium hardware to maximize uptime and promising security features. The automated setup system creates the Server in a blink of an eye, and as soon as you make an order, the Server is readily deployed, and you can log on and play within minutes. To provide you with the best of experience, ShockByte uses the latest Intel Xeon CPU, SSD type hard drives and high grade only DDR4 ECC memory.


RAMRecommended Slots/playersPricing
1 GB20$2.5 a month
2 GB40$5.00 a month
3 GB60$7.50 a month
4 GB80$10 a month
5 GB100$12.5 a month
6 GB120$15 a month
8 GB160$20 a month
Spartan 10 GB200$25 a month
Zeus 12 GB240$30 a month
Dragon Egg 32 GB640$80 a month

With such lucrative pricing, ShockByte has something to offer to everyone. You just need to find a plan that best suits your needs and budget and go for it. If you feel that you need more computer power at any point in time, the up-gradation of plans is very easy and can be done with a few clicks of a mouse.

3. ScalaCube

ScalaCube offers a Minecraft hosting server at an affordable price. Their main focus is to satisfy consumer demand in terms of both quality and cost. The platform is very user friendly, and its manoeuvrability makes it a preferred choice to those who don’t want to waste their time running a server of their own.

Main features

ScalaCube offers 1000+ unique modpacks which are ready to install with just one click. Thanks to its VPS servers, they can offer unlimited servers with truly unlimited Minecraft slots/players, which translates to unlimited entertainment and an incomparable experience. ScalaCube offers a custom website and forum to monitor all the players using your Server in real-time.

You are also provided with full access to the files on your Server, and if you are a developer, this means a lot. You can edit the server lists of mods of each Server and introduce tweaks very easily. The files are backed up offsite regularly, so you do not need to worry about the worst cases of a disaster.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that ScalaCube does not allow any kind of refund if you change your mind later on. Purchases once made are considered to be the final, and no changes are allowed. Also, they do not provide customer support during weekends. I highly appreciate their concerns for the employees working for them; this, however, sometimes be a downside for you. They will provide you with an alert in advance if there is some maintenance work and you are expected to experience downtime. They offer full compensation for any loss of time due to downtime.


NameSlots/PlayersRAMCPUHard DriveFeaturesPrice
Minecraft 3G – Free3 GB2×3.4 GHz CPU30 GB SSD Storage1 Game serverFree of cost
Minecraft VPS 768 MBTen player slots768 MB3.4 GHz CPU10 GB SSD StorageUnlimited Number ofGame Servers$5 per month
Minecraft VPS 1.5G20 Player Slots1.5 GB RAM3.4 GHz CPU15 GB SSD StorageUnlimited Number ofGame Servers$10 per month
Minecraft VPS 6G100 player slots6 GB RAM2×3.4 GHz CPU60 GB SSD StorageUnlimited Number of Game Servers$36 per month
Minecraft VPS 8G150 player slots8 GB RAM3×3.4 GHz CPU80 GB SSD StorageUnlimited Number of Game Servers$48 per month
Minecraft VPS 32G600 player slots32 GB RAM8×3.4 GHz CPU320 GB SSD StorageUnlimited Number of Game servers$192 per month

There is always an offer of 50% for the first month. On any VPS server offered by ScalaCube, an unlimited number of game servers can be hosted.

4. Hostinger

Hosting is one of the most popular hosting service platforms across the web and known for its exemplary performance in Minecraft hosting and every type of hosting in general. The very user-friendly interface provided by them and the ever-ready to help support system will surely make you a fan of it.

Key Features

The Multicraft panel offered by Hostinger can be used to make setup for your Minecraft server in minutes. You can also make a manual setup, if you wish so, with Ubuntu 18, Centos 7 or Debian 9 OS. Whichever plan of Hostinger you purchase, you are provided with DDoS protection, a cloud-based Backup system that enables you to restore your files in a manner of seconds, and a MySQL database that will come in handy as you move ahead in the utilization of your Server.

The best thing about choosing Hostinger is that they offer mobile apps for Android and iOS, which will be your go-to tool if you need any help or want to make any quick arrangements. Hostinger has placed its servers around the globe in globally connected Tier-3 data centres, enabling you to enjoy the lowest latency and unmatched reliability.


Plan NameHardware offeredPricing
Alex Plan2 GB RAM and 2 vCPU hardware$9 a month
Creeper Plan4 GB RAM and 4 vCPU Hardware$15.59 a month
Herobrine Plan6 GB RAM and 6 vCPU hardware$23 a month
Enderman Plan8 GB RAM and 8 vCPU hardware$29.9 a month

Minecraft servers offered by Hostinger are located across 5 global locations, viz., US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and Lithuania. The location of your Minecraft server can be changed at any time if you wish to do so. The Hostinger technical team will be available at your disposal; you only need to contact them by submitting a ticket. Your IP address will also change when the location of your server changes.


5. GG Servers

GG Server is on the market since 2013 and has been offering impeccable service to users worldwide. The fast gaming experience with reliable hardware and affordable prices has attracted hundreds of thousands of customers to this platform. The best thing they offer is that an actual human, and not some automated answering machine, will be available to solve the issue for each of your queries.

Features offered

GG Servers offers CPUs that excel in single-core performance. Up to 4GHz of clock speed is offered for standard servers and 5GHz for premium servers. SSD storage is offered on all services. Premium services are available with NVMe SSD for enhanced performance. The SSDs are available for your use at your command with unmetered usage. Therefore, you need not worry about the total size of all files on your Server. This is one such aspect of GG Servers that make them stand apart from others.

A highly customized and intuitive Multicraft panel will make things easier for you while you manage your Server. Single-click install is available for the most popular server types. You are also allowed to swap between modpacks and server types at any point in time. GG Servers are also offering full FTP and MySQL database access. You will also find support for Java & Bedrock editions.


Plan NameSlots/ PlayersRAMPrice
Stone12 slots1 GB$6 a month
Iron363 GB$18
Lapis60 slots5 GB$30 per month
Redstone72 slots6 GB$36 per month
Emerald144 slots12 GB$72 per month

GG Servers are hosted at 9 locations globally, which makes it possible to offer the lowest possible ping time in a game. These locations include Oregon, Montreal, Virginia, London, Helsinki, Roubaix, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Sydney.

6. Sparked Host

Sparkedhost offers a variety of game hosting services, and Minecraft is one of them. It is because of its enriched experience in game hosting services, and it is highly reputed among gamers.


A list of features, in a very brief, can be counted as

  • Locations : NA, EU, AU & Asia
  • Up to date hardware
  • Subdomain creator
  • Free MySQL databases
  • Unlimited slots
  • SFTP Access
  • Auto allocation creator
  • Sub user access
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Resources usage
  • DDOS protection
  • 24/7 online support


Plan NameHardwareRAMMemorySlotsServe availability
Budget hostingDual Intel Xeon E5-2690DDR3-1600 RAMRAID 1 SSDUnlimited player slotsNorth America, Europe and Australia
Enterprise hostingAMD Ryzen 7 3700XDDR4-3200 RAMRAID NVMe SSDUnlimited player slotsNorth America, Europe, Australia, Asia
Extreme HostingIntel Core i9-10900KDDR4-2933 RAMRAID 1 NVMe SSDUnlimited player slotsNorth America, Europe

There are several plans with varied prices offered under each category. To know then, you need to visit the official website of Spark Host and pick the one that suits you the best.

7. HostHavoc

This is one of the most recommended Minecraft hosting providers in North America and Europe. Trustpilot has rated HostHavoc 4.7 out of 5. Even though it is below others, such as ScalaCube and GG Servers, the performance offered by HostHavoc is no less than that offered by the others. With a rising customer base, this company is elevating the ladder to claim the position that it deserves.

Features offered

The very first thing worthy of notice is the dedicated servers offered by HostHavoc. You will never have any problem while using a cloud hosting service, but the performance offered by the dedicated servers is no comparison to anything else. All the data on these servers is secured with SSL servers with an extra layer of server security. All the data is fully encrypted, thus offering you a secured and safe experience.

When you choose HostHavoc Minecraft hosting, you choose unlimited SSD Storage for your Minecraft server and unlimited slots for every Server. In short, go like a boss. HostHavoc does not oversell their RAM capacity, which means you will get a dedicated RAM to get the best experience in your Minecraft server. This ensures that the Server is always running and meeting all your expectations at the same time. If you want some autonomy in managing your game server, the HostHavoc provides full FTP access and a web-based file manager at the same time so that you can manage the files on your Server the way you like.


Plan NameFeaturesPrice
Grass1 GB RAM, unlimited NVMe SSD Storage, unlimited player slots$5.00 / month
Wood2 GB RAM, unlimited NVMe SSD Storage, unlimited player slots$10.00 / month
Stone3 GB RAM, unlimited NVMe SSD Storage, unlimited player slots$15.00 / month
Iron6 GB RAM, unlimited NVMe SSD Storage, unlimited player slots$30.00 / month

HostHavoc enables you to install various mod packs such as Twin Packs, FTB, Pixelmon, and many more with a single click. They also have a good refund policy, where you will get a refund if you didn’t like the service and decide to cancel the subscription within 72 hours.

8. Bisect Hosting

Bisect Hosting is focused on providing an easy and affordable Minecraft server hosting experience. They offer a wide range of plans to suit everyone’s needs. The highly curated and dedicated team to manage the Minecraft hosting make them stand above everybody else in the race.

Key Features

You can adjust the number of players as per your choice and need. The premium plans offer a great deal of flexibility in this regard. The premium plans come with a free dedicated IP address, so you need not pay extra money for it. Bisect Hosting also offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to mudpack installation. Any mudpack, whether popular or rarely known, can be installed in no time.

The NVMe Solid State Drives are exclusively used for all game servers. This offered high performance and reduced I/O time which helps in quicker loading. Bisect Hosting provides you free daily backup and custom JAR support if you want to run a custom JAR on your Server.


The Basic plan offered costs $5 per month only which is highly budget friendly. In this package, you will get 1 GB of RAM memory and 24 player slots.


9. Server.pro

Server.pro is a Sweden based company that offers quality game hosting services to the audience worldwide. It is a very budget-friendly hosting service that will suit you if you are a beginner and don’t want a huge cost burden.

Key features

If you purchase this platform to host your Minecraft, you own the website for your Server, which will let you share your server information with your friends. The control panel can be shared with your friends so that you can manage it as a team. For this, Server.pro provides multi-admin support. The console provided by Server.pro makes it stand out from others. A very powerful console gives you more control than ever.

The scheduler makes it possible to run commands at any time of the day on your Server. You can change maps or the worlds in your game server with just one click. The up-gradation of plans is so easy that when you make payment for updating the disk space, all you need to do is reboot and everything is as fit as a fiddle.


Plan NameCPURAMPrice
Low2 vCores1 GBFree
Basic2 vCores2 GB$5 per month
Medium2 vCores4 GB$10 per month
Ultra4 vCores12 GB$40 per month

The free plan offered by Server.pro has a limit of 10 players, and no backup is provided.

10. Nodecraft

Nodecraft offers a variety of game hosting services. With its servers located worldwide, it is offering a lag-free gaming experience. They provide instant set up of the game through a ‘three-step process’ as discussed by them on the official website – Select a game; Select a plan; Get in the game.

Key features

Most of the game hosting services currently available on the internet provide a Multicraft control panel. While Nodecraft is offering NodePanel 2, which Nodecraft builds, this makes the management of the Server very easy and more management capacity with the availability of a plethora of tools. There are no hidden charges, no branding enforcements and no player slot limits. It also enables you to tweak the UI to make changes as you like to be there and have a personalized hosting experience.

The promise of dedicated servers is fulfilled in reality by Nodecraft. They allow only 12 customers to have access to a single device so that the servers are not overburdened. This means more computing resources are available to everyone.


Plan NameInstancesRAM and Hard DrivePrice
Nano52 GB ; 5 GB$9.98 per month
Keelo104 GB; 10 GB$19.98 per month
Megs156 GB; 15 GB$29.98 per month
Omega258 GB; 20 GB$39.98 per month

Nodecraft also offers a trial if you want to check the service offered by them. After that, a 7-day money-back guarantee is provided.

How to Select a Minecraft Hosting Service That Suits You The Best?

Always keep the below mentioned points in mind before making a purchase.

  1. Where are the servers located ? the nearer the better
  2. What kind of security features are being offered? For instance, DDoS protection
  3. Whether mods are allowed or not.
  4. How complex is the setup and after installation management?
  5. The number of players allowed at one time.

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