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How To Cure A Zombie Villager In Minecraft

Are you in the mood of curing a zombie villager in Minecraft to assign them some task? Or You don’t want the zombies to give damage to the players? Then you are on the perfect article. Before we jump into how to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft java? Let’s first collect some reasons why to cure a zombie villager in the Minecraft bedrock edition?

The zombies in Minecraft are always trouble for the player. These villagers look-alike normal villagers but have zombie-colored green flesh. They always attempt to attack the players like normal zombies. In the Minecraft job edition there is an advancement called zombie doctor and to get that advancement completed you will have to cure a zombie villager. Another great reason is that when you cure a zombie villager you actually get amazing deals on all kinds of different things. Depending upon what mind of job you want to give that villager that you just cured. And just why not, just cure them and help them out because no one wants to live like a zombie for the rest of their life.

How to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft

However, just as the Minecraft zombies can affect the normal other villagers, similarly you can also cure these zombies into normal villagers. If you are not aware of the procedures and steps about how to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft pe? Then read out the article completely, we have some amazing tips and tricks in between. So don’t miss any. In this article, we have covered what is zombie villager? How to find a zombie villager? how to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft Xbox one? And answer to all your doubts?

What is a Zombie Villager in Minecraft?

The zombie villagers look the same as the normal villagers but they have zombie-colored flesh and try to attack the players like the zombies. These are a variant of zombie mods found in Minecraft. But unlike the zombies, they do not transfer to drowned when in the water.
At the point when a gathering in the normal spawn cycle generates zombies, there is a 5% opportunity to rather produce a gathering of zombie villagers‌ [Bedrock Edition only], or a group of zombie villagers [Java Edition only].

If a zombie kills a villager, there is an opportunity for the villager to change into a zombie resident. However, there are 2 variants of the zombie villagers available. One is Baby zombie Villagers and the other one is Armed zombie villagers. Many players are not aware of the fact that these zombie villagers can be cured. They can be converted to regular villagers.

How to Find a Zombie Villager in Minecraft?

Before knowing the steps to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft. You will first have to find one. Zombie villagers are naturally generated in a zombie village. Zombie Villagers have a 5% chance to spawn in any biome that Zombies can produce in. In expansion to these, villagers get a change into Zombie Villagers after being killed by a Zombie.

Zombie townspeople have a 5% opportunity to produce instead of a standard zombie and can likewise spawn assuming a zombie kills a villager, as per the difficulty level. (0% on Easy, half on Normal, and 100 percent on Hard).

Basically, a villager and a zombie villager spawn inside an igloo basement as well as in the abandoned villages. On the off chance that you can’t track down them and if you have the cheat codes, You can likewise spawn zombie villagers through commands or utilizing a spawn egg.

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How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft?

Now here comes the main objective of visiting our article i.e. How to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft? Before you start curing a zombie villager. Make sure to collect the required items that are Splash Potion of Weakness and Golden Apple. You can either loot it or simply you can make these by yourself. Because these two are the important items required to cure a villager. All you need to do is FIND, TRAP, AND CURE. Follow the step-by-step guide given below, so that you can easily trap a zombie villager and convert them into a normal one.

How to Trap a Zombie Villager in Minecraft?

Before you start to heal a zombie villager you need to trap them. However, there are lots of ways to trap a zombie villager. But trapping them in a village with houses is easy. You can create a house-like structure to trap it.

  1. Create a house like structure or find a house.
  2. Leave the door open, so that the zombie villager can get into it.
  3. Now make a zombie follow you and bring him inside.
  4. Once the zombie villager successfully gets in. Move outside and close the door so that the zombie villager can’t escape.
  5. When the zombie villager is inside, it cannot open the doors by itself, so make sure that no other zombie villager tries to open it.

How to Use Splash Potion of weakness to Weaken the Zombie Villager?

Weakening the power of the zombie Villager will help us to convert it into a normal villager more easily. It is the first step of healing a zombie villager. And to do so, you will have to make a splash potion of weakness by yourself and use it. To make it you will need Fermented Spider Eye, Blaze Powder, Water Bottle, Brewing Stand, and Gun Powder. Once you make it, you are now ready to use the potion.

  1. Since you have the zombie villager trapped in the house.
  2. Make a small single block opening in the house on the top.
  3. Now through the bottle of splash potion onto the zombie villager.
  4. It will break as it hits the zombie villager. Grey particles will appear around it.
  5. Now it will make the zombie villager weak. The duration effect of the splash potion depends upon the edition of the game.
  6. It will active for 1 Minute 30 Seconds with Potion of Weakness I on Java, 4 Minutes with Potion of Weakness II (Extended) on Java, 1 Minute 7 Seconds with Potion of Weakness I on Bedrock and 3 Minutes with Potion of Weakness II (Extended) on Bedrock.

However, don’t worry by looking at the available time. To heal a zombie villager in Minecraft hardly takes any time. You can cure one easily in seconds.

How to Heal a Zombie Villager with a Golden Apple?

Golden Apple is a delicious edible item in Minecraft. And this needs to be fed to heal a zombie villager into a normal villager. Basically, to make a golden apple you need an Apple and eight Gold Ingots. However, you can also obtain these golden apples in rare loot.

  1. Once, you are done with spilling the splash portion over the zombie villager, it is now weak.
  2. This is the time when you must feed the Villager a Golden Apple.
  3. To feed, with a golden apple in hand and right-click on the zombie villager.
  4. This will cause the zombie villager to start shaking and it will turn red.
  5. You will see dark red particles coming out of the zombie villager.
  6. However, keep.a note that during the process of healing. It gains extra strength. So, leave it trapped inside the house for some time.
  7. After 5-6 min you will see a normal villager in the house.

Now, you have successfully cured of zombie villager in Minecraft.


How Long does it take to completely heal a zombie villager?

After feeding a zombie villager with a golden apple. In the bedrock edition, it will take around 1-2 minutes and in the java edition, it will take 3-5 minutes. During their healing time, they will still behave like a zombie villager.

What will happen when the zombie villager gets cured?

After you heal a zombie villager, it will turn into a normal villager. And it will lose its weapons and zombie powers.

How many golden apples does it require to cure a zombie villager?

You need one golden apple to cure one zombie villager. And you can craft a golden apple by using one normal apple and 8 gold ingots.


In this article, we made easy steps, which you can follow to know how to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft pocket edition? Do we hope this article was helpful to answer your question related to how do I cure a zombie villager in Minecraft? Now you can make the splash potion of weakness as well as the golden apple to heal the zombie villagers. Heal them to enjoy more benefits, you can assign them any work to help in your gameplay.

In this article, we have mentioned everything. Like How to trap a zombie villager? How to find a zombie villager? How to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft bedrock edition?

Share this article with your friends who are a fan of Minecraft just like you. If you have any doubts or queries regarding how can you cure a zombie villager then comment down below. We will answer your questions regarding it as soon as possible.


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