How To Enable Dark Mode In Snapchat

Enable Dark Mode In Snapchat For iOS & Android:– Are you now bored of using the same light mode of Snapchat? And excited to know How to activate Snapchat’s dark mode. It’s obvious that no one of us wants to get our eyes exposed to the harsh brightness of the phones while using them at night. Not only at night even most android or iPhone users prefer dark mode for more eye comfort in the daytime.

As per the needs of the user, Snapchat is now up with the dark mode feature which you can enable and use anytime you want. Not only just Snapchat but many apps now have the optional and necessary dark mode feature. From around 2019 most of the apps started coming out with a dark mode feature to enable it.


Dark Mode In Snapchat

Snapchat is the most and highly used social media photo-centric messaging platform. Mostly loved by the teenager age groups. Since we use it most of the time and stick to it for a longer period of a day. We should convert the features into our own comfort space. Snap chat has already rolled out the dark mode feature for iOS earlier in the year 2021. But for Android, it will available very soon. It currently testing out the dark mode feature. But there is some workaround on a rooted Android device that you can follow to enable the feature.

The process is a little complex but achievable. Previously Snapchat was one of those apps without any dark mode. But soon it will have the feature to be activated by the users. Or it must be already available depending on the area or place where you live. Read the article completely without skipping any part to have brief information regarding enabling dark mode in Snapchat.

What is Dark Mode in Snapchat?

Dark Mode In Snapchat App

Before you start your work regarding how to activate dark mode in Snapchat? Let’s explore what amazing features does Snapchat’s dark mode has within. However, the first straightforward thing in light mode is the bright glare of an all-white screen, it uses a completely white background throughout the screen. Meanwhile Dark mode or the Dark theme of Snapchat uses a black and dark background throughout the screen. And unlike all other apps. The default theme of Snapchat is the light theme. Snapchat comes up with new features and settings regularly. Which makes it more friendly to use and takes the user experience to another level. And this new feature of activating dark mode in Snapchat is adding more advantages to the users.

Fundamentally, a few principle benefits of the dark mode is, it is low lightning, which prevents headache and sprain caused due to unforgiving bright Light of the background while using at night. Furthermore, indirectly it will help you with better sleep and rest. Adds more solace, comfort and forestalls strain on eyes. The new all dark theme makes it easier to utilise the application in dark. As a bonus, can help save on battery life and duration.

How To Activate Sark Mode In Snapchat?

We are sure that in the above paragraph you all must be surely aware of the disadvantages of light mode in snapchat as well as the advantages of dark mode in snapchat. Next, comes the main part that is How to activate dark mode in Snapchat chat?

Knowing how to switch on Dark Mode on Snapchat is vital to changing a bright and harsh application into a dark and eye comfort insight. Those hoping to enable Snapchat Dark Mode have come to the perfect page. Below is a guide with simple steps to switch on Dark Mode on Snapchat for iPhone, iPad (iOS), and Android.

How To Enable Dark Mode in Snapchat For iOS Devices?

Snapchat has already launched the dark mode feature in iPhone. You can now enable it easily as compared to android phones. It has a direct native option to enable and disable dark mode. Which is missing for the android users. Now you can easily and comfortably take eye strain free selfies, view photos and interact with your snapchat friends with the eye comfort dark theme.

  1. Open your Snapchat App interface in your iOS system.
  2. On the upper left corner click on the ‘Bitmoji’. You will land up on your Profile.
  3. Now to access the settings menu. Click on the Gear menu.
  4. Scroll down to look for ‘App Appearance’. Once you will find it press it.
  5. Here you will find three options: Match System, Always Dark and and Always Light.
  6. Since you need your app background dark. Select ‘Always Dark’.


Basically, if you will select ‘Always light’, it will enable the light function in Snapchat. If you will activate ‘Always Dark’, the app will be functional in a dark theme. By choosing Match System, the application will sync with the framework and preferences on your iPhone. So, choose, enable and disable accordingly.

However, now it’s time for you to get a more comfortable Snapchat user interface at night. Moreover, you won’t get any dark circles or eye bags when you wake up after a long chat night. Check out the steps to activate the Snapchat dark mode.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Snapchat for Android Devices?

As is already mentioned above Snapchat dark mode is easily accessible in the iOS system. Currently, the dark theme is in trial mode. It will soon be available officially for android users. But why wait for that day if we can activate it with some easy steps. Although a little complex but achievable. Since you don’t want to wait. You can utilize a basic workaround on a rooted Android device to move into the dark mode on Snapchat immediately.

If you are an android Snapchat user, then we have mentioned some easy and simple steps. Which will make the complex process a lot easier to achieve.

  1. Open your phone settings app. Search for Display.
  2. Now select the dark mode. On selecting the dark theme will get applied on all default settings of the android device.
  3. Go back to the settings, scroll down and click on the ‘About Phone option.
  4. Now click on ‘Software Information’. All you have to do is click on the build button multiple times. After that, you will enter the developer mode.
  5. Back in the settings select Developer Tools.
  6. Switch on the Force Dark Mode tab.

And done the Snapchat dark mode in Android device is now activated.


Is Dark Mode Available in Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat has released the dark mode theme officially on iOS devices. It is currently in test mode on Android. Android users can also enjoy the feature very soon.

Can we activate Dark Mode in snapchat on an Android device directly?

No, snapchat has not officially released the dark mode activation feature for Android users. It is currently in trial mode and will be available very soon. But if you can’t wait to use then, you can utilize a basic workaround on a rooted Android device to move into the dark mode.

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Now you won’t give any pressure on your eyes while chit-chatting on Snapchat with your friends at night. The Dark Mode of Snapchat will be easy on your eyes and will provide comfort. Without giving strain and disrupting your sleep.
You can follow the easy steps to activate dark mode in snapchat. It’s easy to enable snapchat dark mode in iOS devices, however complex for android users. But don’t worry we have simplified it as well. We hope the article answered all your doubts regarding, How to activate dark mode in Snapchat chat? If you have any questions regarding Snapchat Dark mode then let us know in the comments below.

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