How To Scan Spotify Code – Spotify Codes To Share Songs & Playlists

How To Scan Spotify Code, What Is Spotify Songs Code, How To Generate Spotify Code

Spotify code is a way to share music with friends and family. You probably landed here to know how to scan these codes.

But, before learning that let’s know a bit about the app – Spotify.

Spotify is the most used music service app nowadays. On Spotify, you can play millions of songs and even podcasts for free. It has over 1B downloads, and 365 million monthly active users. May it be dance albums, disco hits, pop, hip-hop, or rap, it has all the genres of music and lots of podcasts, including some Spotify Original podcasts – that you can’t find anywhere else.

How To Scan Spotify Code

Spotify has over 70 million songs from various music and media companies. You can create your own playlist, edit it, and also share it with different sources just in a few clicks. It offers all these services to your fingertips.


What are Spotify Codes?

As already mentioned above, these codes are used to share music with your friends and family. Spotify began the use of such codes back in 2017. These are scannable codes, thus allowing a person to listen to the same thing you shared with them. These work by generating a unique specific code for a song, album, or podcast which when shared and scanned brings you that specific item. It works just like a QR code but looks in a different manner than that.

How to generate/access Spotify Code?

To generate or access these codes, you need to follow the steps mentioned below, which are really simple.

These codes are accessible to both free and premium subscribers. You just need to :

  1.  Go to the song/playlist you want the code of.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top corner or next to the heart corner.
  3. You will see options such as like, share, view album and download (only if you’re a premium subscriber) and a Spotify code option there.

Once you get to this point you can now proceed to the steps to share this code.

How to share Spotify codes?

  1. Once got to the point of generating the code, click on it to make it bigger.
  2. Then you can directly scan it from another device, if present there.
  3. Or you need to save the image to your device and share it to the person/device you want to share it to.
  4. They then can easily scan it to listen to the same thing.

  How to scan the code?

The code can be scanned by following the below-stated instructions :

Scan a Spotify Code
  1. Go to the search bar on the Spotify app and click on the camera icon on the right upper corner of the search bar.
  2. Click on scan and allow access to your camera.
  3. Then you can scan the code from another device’s screen.
  4. To scan the code from a shared image of the code, you can click on the scan option and allow access to the camera.
  5. Then, tap on the ‘select from photos’ option down there.
  6. Choose the shared image from your gallery and press on it, to directly open the song/album/playlist you have been shared.

Spotify Scan Code can be scanned from anywhere visible, also from posters or labels of the advertising boards, from anywhere in social media, and so on.


These codes make it really easy to share music with our loved ones or friends or anyone in the world. Spotify Scan codes are available to all users irrespective of premium subscription. But, with a premium subscription, you get additional features like uninterrupted listening without advertisement, downloading the music for offline listening, and much more.

These codes need the Spotify logo in front of it to work. This is a really cool feature of these codes marking the authenticity and reliability. Your edits/alterations don’t change the content because the URL still remains the same. These codes can only work on the Spotify app (i.e. you can’t just scan the codes and play it on any other app other than Spotify).

These codes are really a fun and unique way of sharing. We hope, this article helped you to get the steps on how you can scan a Spotify code.

Thank you for reading. Check out our other guides, and articles.

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