Best Buy Card Login Guide: How To Login?

Everyone loves cashback and discounts. And we always look for ways and things to get it in discounts. Best Buy credit card helps you to save money through discounts. The company offers a store credit card and a Best Buy Visa card. The store credit card can be used in stores and web purchases. You can apply for both cards online or in stores. Both Best Buy cards will help you to earn 5% back in rewards for all Best Buy purchases, but the Visa card will get you 2% back in rewards on food and grocery purchases and 1% back on other everyday essential purchases. Below are the criteria, steps, and guidelines which will help you to solve your queries.


Important Criteria to Keep in Mind Before Applying for The Best Buy Credit Card

Before applying for a Best Buy Credit card, you need to know their criteria and you should fulfill them all.

How To Login Best Buy Credit Card Payment

1. You should be at least, 18 years old in the United States and at least 21 years old in Puerto Rico.

2. You should have a good credit score of at least 700-750 to get approved for a Best Buy visa card or else for a store card or standard best buy version you need to have a fair credit score of about 600- 699 generally.

3. To get a credit card you need to have a social security number to establish a credit history.

4. Always keep in mind the terms and conditions of Best Buy credit card.

Note that fulfilling or meeting these minimum criteria is not a guarantee that your application will get approved it only tells that you can now move forward for the next step of the application.

How to apply for the best buy credit card?

Once you fulfill all the criteria you can now move forward to the next step towards the application of a Best Buy credit card.

You can apply it but using two methods

1. Applying for a credit card online.

2. Applying for a credit card in-store.

Applying for a credit card online.

1. Make sure you full all the qualifications and criteria before moving forward to apply.

2. Visit the website and create a account.

You will have to enter some personal details to create the account like

  • first and last name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • the password of your choice
  • Best Buy member ID (if you have any)

3. Now you need to fill the application form, click the “credit cards” tab at the top of the page.

4. Select apply now.

5. The form will now as for some personal info, financial, and security information, including

  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Home-address
  • Phone number
  • Annual income
  • Monthly mortgage or rent payments
  • Dyour date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Driving license number or Government-issued Photo ID Number
  • >xpiration date of your Photo ID

6. After you fill your application form, you will be either approved or denied once you get approved you can now choose the type of card you want:  My Best Buy credit card (store card), or the My Best Buy Visa card.

7. Once you choose your desired card, now you need to agree on the Best Buy interest rates, charges, and fees. Interests are applied when you overdue your payments. The due date for payments is at least 25 days after every billing cycle ends.

8. Your card will arrive within 7-14 days of application approval. Application approval is very quick. You can easily know within minutes whether your application has been approved or not.

Applying for a credit card in-store.

1. If you want to apply for a credit card in-store, then find the best buy store near.

2. Fill up the application form.

3. Choose your type of card.

4. If you have been approved for a credit card then you will receive it within 7-14 days through the mail.

The in-store application format is the same as that online. But the store application for the credit card will take a bit longer time, as the person in the store needs to cross-check your paper application with online credit reports and they need to confirm your identity. It completely depends upon your preference and choice about how you want to apply for the Best Buy credit card.

How to Activate Your Best Buy Credit Card?

Once you receive your credit card the users must activate their Best Buy credit card as this credit card activation process will offer more advantages to the users including reward points, making the payment transfer process reliable, and many more benefits.

You can activate the Best Buy credit card using two methods.

Method 1:

1. Visit the online site of Citi Bank.

2. Then click the “register your card” link.

3. After the registration process provides the details you are asked for like Card Number, Name on the card, Security Code, and last 4 digits of your SSN to complete the verification process.

4. After that provide some personal details which are asked.

5. Set your user ID and password.

6. After the registration process, register an online account.

7. Your Best Buy credit is now active to be used.

Method 2:

Activate the Card by Phone Call

1.  Dial 1-888-574-1301.

2. Inform that you want to activate your Best Buy Credit Card.

3. Carefully listen to all the terms and conditions.

4. Provide the details they ask for during the registration process if needed.

5. You will receive an OTP on your phone associated with your Citi Bank account.

6. After that please provide the OTP number as this number is used for security purposes and for purpose of authentication.

7. After completion of the process you will receive a message regarding the successful activation of your Best Buy credit card.

Important Guidelines to Keep in Mind for Best Buy Credit Card Activation Process.

1. The user must be a Citi bank account cardholder in order to activate their Best Buy credit card.

2. The user must have an online account to activate.

3. The user must log in to online services.

4. Please, always remember your User-ID and Password for the Sign-in process.

5. Provide your credit card number and other required card details and personal info to activate your credit card.

6. Always use the registered mobile number which is associated with Citi bank during the activation because they will provide the registration code for security purposes.

Best Buy Credit Card Login Process

The login process is quite simple than that of the registration and activation process.

Once you get your Best Buy credit card login credentials in hand just follow the steps below to login into your account.

Best Buy Credit Card Login Procedure

1. Visit the official page using the link.

2.  Login page will appear.

3. Enter your User ID and Password.

4. Then click on the ‘Sign On’ button.

5. And you are done, now you will reach the dashboard of Best Buy Credit card.

How To Make My Best Buy Credit Card Payment Online?

In order to pay your bills and due payments online, you need to register your account.

1.Visit the registration page on Citibank’s website.

2. Provide the details like credit card number, your name, the card’s security code and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

3. Then login into your account.

4. check your account number and keep your bank routing number handy.

5. Follow the prompts to make the payment.

How To Make a Best Buy Credit Card Payment by Text?

The other option is to pay by text. Your cell phone provider may charge you for sending and receiving texts.

  1. Text PAY to 819641 from the device linked to the account.
  2. You’ll have to verify your identity.
  3. Then text the amount you want to pay.
  4. Then indicate the account you’re using to make the payment.

How to Reset Your Best Buy Credit Card Login Password

If in any case you forgot your login password or for any reason if you want to change your passion.

Then follow the steps below to change your password successfully.

1. Visit the official page.

2. Below the login box click on the Reset Password option.

3. Click on the reset password link.

4. Verify your card details.

5. Click the verify button.

6. Provide your registered email I’d and press enter

7. Provide your registered phone no. And press enter.

8. Click on send OTP.

9. Enter the OTP you received on your phone.

10. Select the reset password button.

11. And you are done.

Once you set your new password then try to log in with the new password to confirm.

Final Thoughts.

I hope all your doubts are now clear. We tried to explain to you each and everything about Best buy credit cards, how to apply register, pay, login, etc.

We hope the steps and procedures will help you. Do leave your reviews about how much you liked the article or else if any changes that we need to make. We will love to hear it from you all.

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