How To Get Free Andy Character In PUBG

How To Get Free Andy Character In PUBG Mobile & BGMI?

Andy Character is the most wanted character in both BGMI & PUBG Mobile. It’s a male character who is featured with a puppeteer look. This character has a special ability in gameplay. This character has an attractive look at among the whole PUBG Mobile character.

PUBG Mobile Andy Character Redeem For Free

Andy is the most expensive character in PUBG. There are so many premium characters in PUBG Mobile like Carlo, Sara & Victor, etc. As we know, Carlo & Sara are the premium characters in PUBG. You need to spend 1200UC to buy a Carlo character & 600UC for Sara. If you have collected any Character Vouchers in BGMI & PUBG Mobile, you probably get the character at some discount. However, you have 1200 PUBG Characters; then, you’ll get Andy Character for free without spending any UC. But this isn’t possible to collect 1200 character vouchers in PUBG. But in our previous post, we shared how you could get character vouchers to get Free Carlo Character. In this post, I will share how you can get Andy Character for free in PUBG Mobile. Let’s know how to claim it.

What is Andy Character in BGMI?

Andy is a male character in BGMI & PUBG Mobile Game. It’s known as Puppeteer Andy. This character has an attractive appearance with an outfit. This character is featured as a magician outfit with puppeteer emotes. That is showing how cool this character is. Andy Character has the amazing ability of skills which applies to Evoground Mode only. Andy Character can increase the speed of drawing & putting away guns at 16%. But the character is so costly to purchase. The cost of Andy Character is 1200UC. This character has been released with PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 notes update. This character is giving a unique ability to experience in gameplay. If you want to get this character, then read this post.

How To Get Free PUBG Mobile Andy Character

Unlock Andy Character For Free

Aa, we said Andy is the most expensive character in PUBG Mobile. You need to spend 1200UC to get this character. We know 1200UC is so costly, and it’s not easy to afford. We already shared a post on Free PUBG UC method. That covers all the tricks and methods to get a free UC. But that’s not enough to help you to get an Andy Character worth 1200UC. I’m going to tell you some amazing methods to get Andy Character for free.

Unlock Andy Character With Character Voucher Method:-

  1. Open PUBG Mobile.
  2. Please tap on the event option; you will see Andy character puppet show event; click on it.
  3. It started to play puppet show an ad, in the end, it will offer you to collect free 60 Character Vouchers Card.
  4. Now tap to collect free 60 Character Vouchers.
  5. Repeat this step to collect more 60 Character Vouchers
  6. Once you have 1200 Character vouchers, you will able to get Andy Character for free.

Final Word

In this article, I show how you could get PUBG Mobile’s Andy Character legitimately for free. We don’t share any hack trick or illegal method with you in this post. We don’t offer or gift any character or UC to anyone. So please don’t ask for gift UC or Andy Character in the comment box. If you have any query questions related to a post or face any issues to collect Character vouchers, let us know. We will consider it and give an update to you soon in this post. You can check out the latest PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes to get the latest Free reward. Thanks for reading our post. Join us with Facebook and Telegram.


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