How To Get Diamonds For Free In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

How To Get Diamonds For Free in MLBB, MLBB Diamonds Generator, Mobile Legends Diamond Hack

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. It is the most popular a online mobile game in Southeast Asia, which was published and developed by Moonton on 2016.

The first game developed by Montoo was Magic rush : Heroes which was released in 2015. While playing everybody loves to add new heroes to their play. Purchasing new heroes is a bit expensive though you can purchase them with battle points and tickets that you earn in your game, some heroes are more costlier that may cost some diamonds. These mobile legend diamonds help you buy new heroes by using those diamonds as tickets.


What Are Mobile Legend Diamonds?

In any game if you wanna unlock a new player or a new hero you must invest some currency and here in mobile legends we call that currency as diamonds.

How To Get Free Diamonds In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

You can unlock or purchase new heroes even with the help of battle points and tickets that you earn in game or through jigsaw events. As these diamonds are a valuable currency it is very difficult to get then in mobile legends.

10 Best Ways To Get Free Mobile Legends Diamonds

Though it is difficult to get free diamonds in mobile legends it is possible through certain ways. Let us have a look over thoseā€¦

1 . Live Streaming

As we all know there is a feature called live streaming in mobile legends. Activation of this feature allows every player to watch your game.

Some of the players who watch your game may send you gifts and this is the way to get diamonds. Receiving gifts from the audience help you to get free diamonds and hence, more the gifts you receive, more free diamonds you get.

2. Getting Into Top Global

Being a top Global in rank or hero rank you can easily get a lot of free diamonds. If you are a top player then everybody will recognize you in games and this will help you to gather a higher number of viewers in live stream. And ofcourse, if you are a top and amazing player viewers will definitely give you gifts through which you can get free diamonds.

3. Taking Part In YouTubers Giveaway Events

Some of the mobile legends youtubers arrange some giveaway events with free skins and diamonds and rewards.

If you are interested to get free diamonds then just attend these giveaway events. Luckily you may win free diamonds.

4. Participating In Tournaments

There are a lot of official and community organized tournaments. In which players can take part and win diamonds.

Normally these tournaments provide cash as rewards but sometimes they also provide diamonds as rewards. So if you wanna get free diamonds and unlock other new heroes you can take part in these tournaments.

5. Being An Active Member In Mobile Legends Forums

Mobile legends has a forum that provides a profusion and very useful info for mobile legends players.

If you actively participate in these forums by sharing the latest info you may get offered to be the moderator and you will be paid with diamonds every week. Though it is difficult to get appointed as moderator you just actively participate in these forums.

6. Events On Mobile Legends Official Social Media Accounts

Mobile legends helds a lot of events every week with a huge amount of diamonds on their social media accounts.

It is possible to win upto 10,000 free mobile legends diamonds in some of the competitions like ongoing skin design competition. This is a good way to get more free diamonds if you have good creativity.

7. Joining A Mobile Legends Community

Mobile legend has a lot of communities throughout the world which also helds giveaway events with diamonds as rewards so if you want to get free diamonds you can join these communities.

8. Using Google Opinion Reward

Google had developed a reward based program called google opinion reward.

Players can make good use of this app to get free diamonds. You just need to answer some of the surveys which offer you a Google play card with a certain amount of balance through which you can get diamonds in mobile legends.

Google Opinion reward method using by lots of people to get free Google Play credits & getting free diamonds for MLBB.

9. Free Top-Up Balance Apps

There are a bunch of apps that pursue you with free data top up balance by which you can buy some diamonds.

You can make a good use of these apps to get a free balance through which you can buy mobile legends diamonds.

10. Activating Telkomsel GamesMAX Package

The last method of getting free diamonds is through activating the Telkomsel GamesMAX package.

This offers modest gaming quotas and you can also take advantage of getting free mobile legends diamonds as bonus.

Mobile Legends Diamonds Hack

Hacking Diamonds is a wrong job. MLBB Developer Company spends lots of money & time effort to build this game. If we use MLBB diamond hack tool then it will be a financial loss to them. So we recommended to buy diamonds & compensate them for their works.

There are many hacks for mobile legends diamonds but we advise you not to use them. Though you get diamonds at low costs from unbiased observers they are obtained from illegal means. So stay away from these types of sites and never try these hacks as they may get you banned.


1 . What Is The Purpose Of Mobile Legends?

It is a multiplayer online battle arena game that is designed for mobile phones that offers a variety of heroes, game modes and also intense face paced gameplay.

2. Which Country Created Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

China was the country to develop mobile legends bang bang particularly it was developed in Shanghai, China which became very famous in the Philippines and Indonesia after its release.

3. Is VPN Legal In Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

Yes, it is not at all safe to use VPN to play any game. Montoon may ban your account in case you follow any illegal procedure. So be cautious to avoid your account being banned.

4. What Type Of Game Is Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

It is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) game that can be played on all types of mobile devices. It has two teams that reach and fight against the enemy’s base at the same time defending their own base. It has three lanes called top,middle and bottom that connect the bases.

5. Is Mobile Legends: BB diamonds generator hack are legal?

No, As we know hacking not always a genuine method to do anything. If we talk about MLBB Diamond Hack then it’s absolutely illegal. Diamond is a gaming currency. You have to paid for it. That compensate to gaming developer for generate revenue.

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