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Among Us Unblocked Games 77:- This COVID-19 pandemic made us explore various different things let it be making a perfect Dalgona coffee or playing various online games. This made us hunt for various fun ways and interesting multiplayer games to play with our friends and families from our home itself. All of them love to play different online games. We are sure that you must have heard about AMONG US and even you must have played this game for sure.

This game got popular in the year 2020 because some famous twitch players and YouTubers with a huge fan base started playing this during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The sudden popularity of this game led to new maps and features in the game and countless memes started floating around the internet and social media.

But now people are more into for an unblocked Among Us. Having an unblocked version which can bypass the restrictions of your school or workplace. People are looking for an unblocked version but unfortunately, this is not possible at all. In order to gain more traffic sites are taking an advantage of this by using the title Among us unblocked and they will let you download something which you never wanted to.

What is Among Us Game?

Among Us is a multiplayer online social game in which the players try to uncover the hidden role of the team members and check their allegiance. This game was developed and published by an American game studio Innersloth. It was released on iOS and Android devices on June 15, 2018. It is also available on the Nintendo Switch.

During this gameplay, the players can use deductive logic to try to conclude one another’s role, while the other players can bluff so that no one will suspect them. The one who is very good at bluffing can win the game. This game takes place in a space theme settings. It is a multiplayer game of four to 10 players in which up to three players are randomly chosen as an imposter(s). The players are drop into an alien spaceship, sky headquarters called “MIRA HQ”, planet base called “Polus” Or in the airship which is based on the Innersloth’s Henry Stickmin series. Either you can play online by joining a game with strangers, or you can host or join games with your friends. The game actually has inspired by a party game and a science fiction horror movie.

How to play Among Us?

Even if some players are looking for the unblocked Among Us but it is always better and safe to download the official version from a reputed app store like google play store in Androids and the app store of iOS.

So download now and let the fun begin!!!

Steps to download and install the game:

1. Download and Install Among Us from the Google Play Store on Android devices or the App Store on iOS.

2.Now options will pop up to select Local or Online.

         Select Online if you want to play with random players.  

         Select local if you want to play with your friends by sharing the same WiFi.

3.Enter your name on the top of the screen. And tap finds the game.

4. Now select a map from the given options to play on. Then select no. Of imposters and language to chat.

How to play as a crewmate or imposter?

  1. First understand the role of a crewmate and imposter.
    • The crewmate needs to complete the tasks assigned without being killed by an imposter and he/she also needs to find who is the imposter.
    • Whereas the imposter needs to kill the crewmates before they complete their tasks.
  2. Use joystick icon on the left to move and look for your tasks on the top of the screen to complete them.
  3. To call an emergency meeting use emergency meeting console. Vote for who you think is the imposter.
  4. If you get killed by an imposter or get voted out you can still play as a ghost to help other crew mates win.

As an Imposter

5. Try to blend in as if you are doing your task so that you can avoid any suspicions arousing within the crewmates.

6. Travel through vents or you can use rooms to do different things like locking the doors, cutting off the light, cut off the Wi-Fi, or depletion of oxygen.

7. Try to kill the crewmates before they complete their tasks.

8. During emergency meetings try being innocent and frame situations for the crewmates.

9. Be aware of the security cameras.

10. If everyone votes you as an imposter, then try to play a ghost to help your fellow imposter win.


     You will the game if the crewmates fail to complete the tasks or if you kill the crewmates

Try playing with your fellow friends and enjoy!

What is Among Us Unblocked?

Unblocked Among Us game is just a modification of the original game where you will be able to unlock and add unlimited features to the game. But the fact is that most of the sites which title up to provide the unblocked Among us are totally scam.

Among Us unblocked games download free

But the sites which are not scamming fail to provide for what they promised. There are a number of different versions of unblocked games of Among Us out there. They claim to offer a new kind of shape-shifting impostor that will change the gameplay this will lead you to play the game in the browser.

How to download Among Us Unblocked?

There are no official unblocked versions of Among Us so it is obvious that you can’t find it in the google play store or the app store of iOS.

You can download it from a third-party site, these sites mainly provide a zip file to download and install. And some others will give you the link to the browser which will never end you to play the Among Us game.

But these links or downloads are not at all official and if you try to download them then it may harm your device or PC.  And if you are trying to download a new version of unblocked games among us then it is totally.

But we don’t advise you to download the unblocked file unless and it is released officially.

How to play Among Us unblocked?

The process play is exactly the same we play that in the original version. But you want to play Among Us then try playing it by downloading it from a well-reputed site.

The sites are now taking the advantage to bring traffic to their sites by giving the title “Unblocked Among Us”. But they don’t provide any link or file to download the unblocked version. It is better to play the game in the original way to feel the Originality and actual pleasure of the game. Some sites appear to be genuine and their attempt to recreate parts of the game but only a little flash of the game is available. And this doesn’t worth the time and effort spent on finding them.

And downloading the among us unblocked games from such scam sites can also affect your device or PC and you obviously don’t want that to happen.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you all understood what the among us game actually is. And why we should not download the unblocked version of the game. This complete post will help you much to download & play Among Us Game on your PC, Mobile & Gaming Console. You can check our latest post Among Us Character 2021. Thanks for reading our post.

But still, if you have any queries or doubts do let us know.


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