How To Recover Deleted Playlist In Spotify

Spotify is a musical platform, that provides us tremendous music world, for relaxing and refreshing our minds. You can enjoy millions of songs, on the basis of language, artists, and events by experience. And this is one of the best platforms for a music lover.

Recover Playlists In Spotify

You can listen to millions of songs for free on Spotify Music Streaming App or Website. In Spotify App, you are able to make playlists of your favorite songs & albums. If accidentally you have deleted your Playlist in Spotify then you can recover it easily. In order to recover Spotify Playlists, you have to follow some procedures. In this post, you will learn all steps to recover your lost Playlist in Spotify Music App.


How To Download Spotify App?

You can easily download this musical app by growing through the play store by clicking this link.

Go through the play store and browse your favorite Spotify music app, click on install space and it will be downloaded on your phone and you can get it on your phone.

How To Create & Login Your Spotify Account?

Spotify app successful download, You can tap your app, after that there is a login or sign in option is provided, you can log in by your Facebook account as well as Google account, then you can set your name, and icon and your phone number. And your account is activated.

How to operate your Spotify Account?

After the creation of your account, you can enjoy a large variety of songs. And many options you can find on your account, you can connect this with your tab, tv for a better musical experience and enjoy your music. And there is also a setting option in this app, various types of tools you can enjoy

What a playlist in Spotify?

After login to your Spotify account, you can enjoy your favorite song and make your own playlist by selecting your songs.

How to create your Playlists?

 For a wonderful musical experience, you can browse and create your own playlist by clicking on the playlist option, you can get this option, on the song on clicking on it move to your playlist, and it’s very easy to listen to your fav songs anywhere, anytime, you can also save it in your library part. And it works like your pocket. we only go through the playlist to listen to the music.

How to recover your deleted playlist in Spotify?

If there is a problem there is a solution.

Accidentally, If you deleted your playlist, don’t worry about it, you can easily recover your playlist by following this easy step and you get your playlist again.

  • You open the chrome side.and brows your Spotify account.
  • First you have login.your Spotify account by chrome
  • After the logging just go to the home page
  • After that, you can see there is a three dot shape symbol in the right side of the page
  • Tap there and you can find a recover options
  • By clicking on that ,you can recover your playlist .
  • And you can find again your playlist in your account.
  • It is very easy and it also store in your trace file
  • And it recover in your playlist again
  • You can recover it just after the 90 days of deleting playlist.
  • All your deleted playlist always save in trace file .
  • So , it can recover by easily click on that option

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