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To log in to My Indigo Platinum Master Credit Card, you have to complete the registration process first. Once you have successfully activated your MyIndigo Platinum Card you should able to log in using your username & password.

Myindigo Credit Card Login Page

With the advancement in technology and economics, the lifestyle of 21st-century human beings is fast-paced and creative, credit cards are one of the important tools in our contemporary world.

There are a plethora of banks and financial institutions out there that can provide credit and debit cards but since credit card allocation and its proper usage such important experience can be only fulfilled by trustworthy players in the unstable economic environment.


What Is MyIndigo Card Offcial Website

The Official Website For My Indigo Card is:-

What is an Indigo Credit Card?

Indigo is a new and dynamic stakeholder that has a unique vision for consumers, the market is already over-saturated with credit and debit cards. Only those players with a comprehensive and innovative vision can survive the turbulence and tide of economic mishaps.

One of such key players in credit card business that would come to our mind is the indigo credit card. Getting your own credit card is now quite easy and simple.

How to Get a Myindigo Credit Card?

You can follow these simple step by step processes to apply for a myindigocard.

  1. Visit
  2. Apply for the credit card best suited to you by online application submission.
  3. Provide the relevant documents for verification.
  4. Wait for confirmation.
  5.  The application is authenticated.

Please note- In case your application is rejected or delayed you can always approach the manager or help desk.

How to use Myindigo Credit Card?

Once the credit card is issued you can use it as per your convenience. You can use it just like any other credit card. You can use it in either offline-physical space or online mode-virtual space.

How to Login for Myindigo Card?

Type indigo credit card login in your search engine bar, once you are on the site, click on my indigo card login tab, and fill in the details. To avoid this hassle you can directly visit the website login your relevant particulars.

Why is Myindo Credit Card Better Than Other?

Although there are many perks associated with any credit cards, apart from the regular bonuses and schemes banks lure their customer base by various incentives. Indigo credit card tries to stand out among the crowds of creditors in this competitive environment.

Its credit card schemes are custom designed to cater the demands of each and every segment of society. So whether you’re a foodie, designer, athlete or business oriented, they got you covered.

Gone are the days of monopolistic strongholds of few bankers dictating masses. It’s high time for consumers to reign supreme as their working motto.

With Myindigo card you get discounts on your shopping purchases, gift cards, redeemable score point based vouchers on every transaction etc among many other benefits that are generally provided by nearly every credit card issuer.


Here are some frequently asked questions on Myindigocard credit card.

What is myindigo credit card?

MyIndigocard credit card is a banking tool where you can transact instantly but pays the price later. The accounts are tabbed on banks or financial institutes that issue credit cards whereby they collect the price along with fees from the person at a later date and time.  

Credit card or Debit Card?

Debit cards are linked to the bank accounts, thereby it is linked to your bank balance-a limit is set according to the means in stark contrast to debit card, credit cards offers a complete flexibility to make transactions on credit independent of your account balance, however each credit card irrespective of bank prescribed a transaction limit on your credit.

What are the benefits of a credit card?

The benefits are numerous in nature some of them include- discount and offers by various brands, cashless, security, spend more than at hand and universal mode of acceptance.

Who can issue the indigo credit card issue?

There are three basic eligibility criteria that make a person eligible for the credit card: Firstly- Applicant must an adult i.e. over 18 years of age is minimum requirement, secondly – She/he must be a resident of India-with relevant documentation, and lastly-the person should have a source of income whether its passive or active.

Is the login option tedious like other banks credit cards?

Unlike other banks in this case the process is plain yet secure; simply click on Myindigo Credit Card Login option on the home page to get direct access to your account.

Is there an expiry date attached to the credit card?

Usage and the unattended time period in between are key factors on which the expiry date depends also it varies from case to case and policies of the company.

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