OxygenOS 12 Download For All OnePlus Devices

How To Download or Update OxygenOs 12 on all OnePlus Device, Oxygen OS 12 update device lists.

If you are using any of the Oneplus devices and if you love OxygenOS, then this article is for you. Oneplus has officially released OxygenOs 12 open beta for the Oneplus 9 series. This significant update depends on Android 12 which includes a lot more-tight combination with Oppo’s ColorOS custom interface. OxygenOS has been the favorite Android skin for users for years, its simplicity is something that attracted the most. It has a completely clean layout and gives you the chance to customize it and brings timely updates in it.

Just after the launch of Android 12, Oneplus started its Android 12 based OxygenOS for Oneplus 9 series users. OxygenOS 12 is now present in a list of Oneplus devices, and it is the principal significant update delivered by OnePlus that will incorporate the codebase of its OxygenOS with Oppo’s ColorOS. Read the article completely we will mention all the devices on which it will available, Oneplus OxygenOS release date, OxygenOS 12 update, OxygenOS download features, etc.


What is Oneplus Oxygen 12 update?

Oneplus just finished their beta testing and launched their first OxygenOS 12 beta for public use. OxygenOS 12 brings in some news features and visual effects. In addition, the feedback alongside bug fixes has been incorporated into the form that is appearing as the principal public beta. This new software is mostly expected to be more stable and power-saving with strong backend support while likewise keeping OxygenOS quick and smooth.

OxygenOS 12 Update Download

Along with a reviving UI and an incredible arrangement of new elements, OxygenOS 12 brings an all the more balanced experience that smoothes out clients’ everyday work and upgrades advanced prosperity. Any reasonable person would agree that OnePlus’ OxygenOS 12 isn’t as revolutionary a change from variant 11 as that was to the past programming, however, there are as yet a small bunch of new components that could upgrade the experience of utilizing a OnePlus phone.

However, if you think OnePlus is switching things around something over the top. Then don’t stress as the greater part of the center OxygenOS highlights like motions, complement tones, and more are unblemished. Let’s see what coll features and benefits does OxygenOS 12 has? How to download it in the Oneplus 9 series? In which device it is available and in which device it will be available next?

Oneplus OxygenOS 12 Release Date

OxygenOS 12 public beta got live on October 4, 2021. Which means the open beta program is already live. You can download it in your Oneplus 9/9 pro. It is expected by the developer to create a stable version of the OxygenOS 12 update by the end of the year.

Moreover, We’re seeing with OxygenOS 12; it is utilizing the Android 12 delivery competitor as the base, yet that doesn’t mean it is without bugs. Android 12 itself isn’t prepared right now, with Google postponing the update to its Pixels and on second thought carrying out the codebase that producers can use as the establishment for their skins. If you love, ColorOS more than OxygenOS then OxygenOS 12 beta is something which you will like. They are now planning to release the open beta program for other of its devices as well, below is the list of devices that we hope will get this update in it.

Oneplus Devices can currently download OxygenOS 12 in it.

  1. Oneplus 9
  2. Oneplus 9 pro

Moreover, Oneplus Devices will Soon have Oxygen OS 12 in following devices;

  1. OnePlus 9R
  2. OnePlus 8 Pro
  3. OnePlus 8
  4. OnePlus 8T
  5. OnePlus 7 Pro
  6. OnePlus 7
  7. OnePlus 7T
  8. OnePlus 7T Pro
  9. OnePlus Nord 2
  10. OnePlus Nord
  11. OnePlus Nord CE

There is no official note from Oneplus regarding this. The list above is just based on expectations, guesses, and past trends. OnePlus Nord N10 and Nord N100 won’t get the OxygenOS 12 dependent on the Android 12 update. Android 10 has been already pre-installed and dispatched in the phone from the beginning. The organization said that these Oneplus devices will have a single update only which is Android 10 skin. So these 2 devices will not receive OxygenOS 12 update or any other update in the future. We will keep you updated if Oneplus enables more devices for OxygenOS 12 beta Update. So, make sure to bookmark the page and visit our page with time. So, that you won’t miss any recent updates.

Key Features of OnePlus OxygenOS 12 beta Update:

Do you know whenever we play a game, you can’t see the frame rate of the game? So players test it for their needs. So, the thing is that you can have this feature in OxygenOS 12 beta update. You can see a feature above the game mode. Enable that and you can get the frame rate above each game. And according to us, this feature will help the gamers more.

1. Dark Mode

This is one of the most useful additions in OxygenOs 12. You can apply dark mode in default for all applications on the device.

OxygenOS 12 will allow you to pick between three modes – Gentle, Medium, and Enhanced, with the force of the dark foundation expanding with every mode. It will make you even more comfortable using the phone at night, which is an added benefit to it. This feature is an immediate pick from ColorOS. It will improve the ease of use for those who may not favor the dim mode to be dark. It will be helpful augmentations in OxygenOS 12, because it will allow you to modify how dark you need the dark mode to be.

2. New Shelf

OnePlus has upgraded it with a card design. With gadgets for climate, step counter, information, stockpiling and the sky is the limit from there. Clients can tweak the updated Shelf with cards of various sizes and images. There is likewise a headphone control card inside the Shelf.

3. Private Safe

Regarding the matter of safety, Private Safe mode is coming to OxygenOS 12. You can conceal delicate records and photographs behind a secret key. It is likewise disengaged from other applications while additionally staying available for the client.

4. Canvas AOD 2.0:

Canvas AOD brings you new assorted styles of lines and tones. Recently added various brushes and strokes and backing. For shading change for a more customized lock screen insight with moving visuals.

5. Work-Life Balance 2.0:

WLB 2.0 now upholds programmed Work/Life mode switch among work. It is also upholding individual records with warnings and messages from various applications as per arrangement and personalization. Users can likewise switch between the two profiles dependent on office areas, WiFi networks, and specific times of the day.

How to Download OxygenOS 12 in Oneplus 9 and Oneplus 9 Pro?

The OxygenOS 12 open beta is an authority construct presented by OnePlus itself. So, It is completely safe to download, you will not face any problem. As its official OTAs, you will get the stable version by the end of this year. Till then you may encounter some stability issues and some bugs in between usage. So it’s up to you whether you want to wait till the stable version of it arrives or download and test the newly added features in it.

Since you all have come across all its features, so, let’s see how you can download the OnePlus OxygenOS in OnePlus 9 and 9 pros. Below are a few easy and detailed steps that you can follow:

  1. In your OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro visit the OnePlus forum link.
  2. Click on the package that is appropriate for your profile. We are also providing you links below, through which you can directly download
    1. OnePlus 9 (Indian Version)
    2. OnePlus 9 (Global)
    3. OnePlus 9 Pro (Indian Version)
    4. OnePlus 9 Pro (Global)
  3. Choose according to the device you are using.
  4. Click on Download
  5. After it’s downloaded, open the file manager on your device.
  6. Then Click on the Downloads section, the update file which got downloaded can be found there.
  7. You can see the downloaded file there, you can rename the file. Long press on the file, click on the three dots on the right corner and rename.
  8. Again, long-press the file, click on the cut, and paste it into the phone storage.

The installation process of OnePlus OxygenOS 12 in OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro

  1. Once the download process is complete, open settings on the device.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Then select on system updates.
  4. You will now land up on the page where you can see the old OxygenOS beta update.
  5. Click the gear icon on the upper right corner.
  6. Now tap on Local Upgrade, here you will the new downloaded OxygenOS 12 beta update.
  7. Click on it, read the reminder completely and tap on ‘Install Now.

The installation process will hardly take 10-15 minutes, after that you will have to restart the phone. Now your phone is all set to reflect the features of OxygenOS 12.

Final Words:

We have mentioned every detail which is available about launch date, OxygenOS 12 beta download, OxygenOS 12 features and etc. We hope this article will be helpful for you to decide whether to download the new beta update or not. Currently, the update is available for few devices that are Oneplus 9/9 pro.

We have also mentioned a list of devices in which OxygenOS 12 will be seen soon. We will update the page for any new features and information regarding OxygenOS 12 beta update. Share the article with your friends and families who use any Oneplus devices. And let them know about the new exciting beta update. If you are having any doubts or queries then do let us know in the comment section below.

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