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Pokemon – if you’re a person who knows what animation is then you must have come across the word Pokemon. Pokemon cards or Pokemon TCG is a well-known card game to almost everyone who has ever been a fan of this TV show.

But first, let’s get a quick peek at what it is (also for people who haven’t come across this).


What is Pokemon?

Pokemon is a Japanese media franchise created for the famous anime and manga series named the same. It was first named ‘Pocket Monsters: Red and Green’. This show and anime were based on fictional creatures called Pokemon which were to be caught by the people who were trainers. These trainers train the Pokemons to battle other Pokemon as a sport/game.

It was first made into animated series in 1997 and continuing till now. However, the game was published by Nintendo in 1996, which was developed by Game Freak.

What are Pokemon Cards / Pokemon TCG?

10 Expensive & Rare Pokemon Cards

Pokemon TCG is a collectible card game that has been the top-selling card game since its beginning until now. It has sold over 34 billion cards over the world till now. It was first published in 1996. That needs two players and is played the same way it was to be played in the animation or video game.

The players or collectors take the role of trainers and battle their Pokemon in the card with the opponents. The player whose Pokemon knocks out all the cards of the opponent or the player who has the most Prize card wins.

Official Website To Buy Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG):

What are the Pokemon Card Types?  

There are a lot of types of Pokemon Cards or Trading Card Game:-

They are Basic cards, Evolved Pokemon, Pokemon-EX cards, Baby Pokemon, Mega Pokemon, Break pokemon, and Secret Rare Pokemon. The basic cards are necessary to begin the game. The basic Pokemon evolve to form a stage 1 evolved Pokemon, then stage 2. As they evolve, they gain health points and thus survive longer in the battle and become more powerful. Baby Pokemon cards have low health points but have some unique and special power, thus making them special.

The Secret Rare Pokemon cards are very special and rare which have a gold outline and a shiny foil on them. However, these cards can only be used once per game.

Why Are These Pokémon TCG Cards valuable?

This question is quite normal for anti-fans and non-fans. But, the collectors and fans know exactly the answer to this question. No one would have imagined back in those days that these cards would be so valuable and will be traded so expensively. But, Youtuber Logan Paul who is also a collector has proven the craze of this hobby, and how much this means to the fans and collectors by buying 6 First Edition Pokemon Card sets for $2M. Yes, you heard it right…!

Not only him, but the very famous rapper Logic made such a purchase by buying the first edition Charizard pokemon set in 183k.

These cards are very valuable and expensive to trade or sell. But, the craze of a collector knows no bounds. I know, every collector, small or big can exactly relate to what I’m saying now.

What does the value depend on Pokémon TCG Trading Card?

These cards sell depending on their rarity, condition (unopened sets cost more than opened ones), and value in the fandom. And, can cost thousands and millions of dollars.

Now, let’s know about the top 10 such Rare Pokemon cards till 2022. (Going from no.10 to no.1)

10. Tamamushi University Magikarp Trophy Promo Card

        This card in its gem mint 10 condition values $66k in the last auction to date. It was first given to the students who won the 1998 Osaka tournament, thus only a few of these are available. It is one of the rarest Pokemon cards and is thus being listed in our list as #10.

9. Umbreon Gold Star Holo Card

        This is #9 in our list as this card in its 9.5 Mint condition is one of the rare and expensive cards which costs about $70k. The original collectors of this card had to win a lot of contests and tournaments to own this card.

8. No.1 Trainer Super- Secret Battle Card

No.1 Trainer Super- Secret Battle Card had the access to the final match of a contest which was named super-secret battle because the location was a secret. This card in its PSA Gem Mint 10 condition is worth $90k making it a rare card as the #8 in our list. No.1 Trainer Super- Secret Battle Card depicts the silhouette of Mewtwo.

 7.  Pokemon Trainer No.2 World Championship Card

       This card exists a very few in number (only 3-5), as this card was given only to the winner of the World Championship Battle 2006, hence making it extremely rare and valuable. Thus this card in its PSA 9 version is worth $110k. Phew.. ! so expensive, but the price is nothing when it comes to collecting. This is card no.#7 on our list.

6. Lugia First Edition Neo Genesis (2000)

        This card is the #6 in our list in the First Edition of the set in Pristine 10 condition. This card depicts the psychic bird which is said to be resting deep in the bottom of the ocean, because of the amount of power it holds. This is worth $144k as of now. The price will surely exceed in the future because it’s really rare.

5. Kangaskhan  Family Event Trophy Card

         This family event or parent-child trophy card was given to the winners of a contest where parents and their children participated in 1998. It is said that only 11 of these cards exist. Trophy cards are really rare and valuable to the owners, thus the price it holds also skyrockets sometimes. Therefore, this card in its PSA Mint 10 condition is worth $150k. Listed as #5 in our list. This card has Kangaskhan with its baby in the pocket and has holo sparkles around it. A real beauty..!  Isn’t it?

4. Ishihara GX Promo Card

        This card in its original PSA 7 version is autographed by the CEO and President of the company Tsunekazu Ishihara. Only 30-40 of these cards exist as it was given by the CEO himself only to the people present on his birthday. This card is our #4 is worth $247k.

3. Blastoise Galaxy Star Holo Card

           This card was published in the year 1998 by the wizard of the coast. This is one of the earliest existing Pokemon cards of all time. Thus, making it worthy of $360k in its 8.5 Mint condition.

2. Charizard 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set

         This Charizard Pokemon 1st edition set in PSA Mint 10 condition is the 2nd most expensive card ever sold, the value being $369k. The shadow version also values a lot. But, the shadow version is worth a lot less compared to this shadow-less edition. It was first published in 1999.

1 . The Pikachu Illustrator Card

      First published in 1998 this card is the rarest and the most expensive card in Pokemon TCG history. Its value is $375k as of the last auction in February 2021. The value will surely increase more by the time of the next auction.  Only less than 20 of these exist. It depicts the most famous Pokemon  “Pikachu” drawing or illustrating maybe some other pokemon. This is thus the #1 card on our list today.


So, these were the top 10 most rare and expensive cards of all time in Pokemon TCG history. Almost all the people who collect these cards dream of owning these cards someday. But, only time will tell to whom these cards will go. If you have any queries related to this post then tell us on commenting below.

If you have other rare cards to add to this list mention them in the comments. Readout our other articles and information for such insightful information and facts.

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