12 Best Google Photos Alternatives App

12 Best Google Photos Alternatives for FREE Storage In 2022

12 Best Google Photos Alternatives For Free Cloud Photos Storage, Unlimited Photos Storage App Like Google Photos, Similar App or Site Like Google Photos

12 Best Google Photos Alternatives App

Google photos is a well-known Google cloud storage service that allows users to back up their photos and videos. Google photos announced a change in storage policy in November last year, claiming that unlimited storage of high-quality photographs and videos will no longer be available.

To entice customers to sign up for Google One, Google photos’ enhanced version has cut free storage to 15GB as of June 1. As a result of this change, you may be concerned about the amount of storage space available on your account and looking for free online storage apps. If you want to use more free storage then Google Photo storage alternative is best option for you. On this page, we’ll help you choose which of the 12 best Google photos alternatives is ideal for you.

1Amazon Photos
3Microsoft One Drive
5Apple iCloud
7Adobe Creative Cloud

1. Amazon Photos

amazon photos

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, then Amazon Photos is one of the excellent Google Photos alternatives that you can go with. For $119 a year, Amazon Photos subscribers get unlimited full-resolution photo storage. As well as 5 GB of video storage, plus a bevy of other perks including Amazon Prime Video, product discounts, and free 2-day shipping on many Amazon purchases. All non-prime, on the other hand, get free 5 GB of photo and video storage and 100GB storage at Rs. 150 per month. However, this is the best alternative to get extra 5GB free storage.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox Google Photos Alternatives

Dropbox is your one-stop-shop for file storage, file organization, file transfer, and file sharing across all of your devices, from Android to iPhone to Mac and PC. It has fantastic capabilities such as video and photo sharing. Whatever you want to share you can do through link easily after uploading the file. As well as the option to edit them into high-quality versions. It also includes complete cloud backup and syncing solutions to keep documents, photographs, videos, and other assets up to date at all times. ‘The’ Sync folders on your PC or Mac to Dropbox with computer backup, and use version history and file recovery to recover older versions or restore deleted files.

3. Microsoft One Drive

OneDrive for Photo Storage

If you’re familiar with Microsoft, One Drive is an excellent alternative to Google photos. For $69.99 per year, One Drive provides users with 1 TB of cloud storage and the capacity to store files of 15 GB. It offers 5GB of cloud storage for free and 100GB of storage for Rs. 140 per month. It has a lot of useful features, such as quick file sharing, security management, portability, and flexibility.

4. pCloud

Pcloud Google Photos alternative

PCloud is one of the best Google photo alternatives for online photo and video backup that is both secure and simple to use. This stands apart from other cloud storage solutions because of features like access from any device, sharing and collaboration, and unbreakable security. The pCloud is also unique in that it offers a lifetime subscription. The Premium Plus 2 TB package will set you back $350. The cost of lifetime pCloud Crypto access is $125. Because of these qualities, the platform may be less expensive than many of its competitors.

5. Apple iCloud

For Apple users, Apple iCloud is the greatest Google photos substitute. iCloud Drive, iCloud Storage Plans for extra storage, iCloud Photo Library, Family Sharing (account and resource sharing), Safari, and iCloud Keychain are some of the features and components of Apple’s iCloud service. It offers account members 5 GB of free cloud storage and 2 TB of storage for Rs. 740 per month.

6. Flickr Pro


Flickr pro is a well-known photo and video cloud storage platform developed in the United States. With a Flickr account, you may upload up to 1,000 full-resolution photos and videos for free. A Flickr pro premium account will provide you with an ad-free experience, as well as automated photo upload and limitless storage space. This costs $6.99 a month and comes with bonuses, including two months of free Adobe Creative Cloud Photography access, which includes Lightroom and Photoshop.

7. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is an advanced alternative for Google photos. An Adobe Lightroom subscription costs $9.99 a month that offers you access to cutting-edge picture editing capabilities as well as a terabyte of cloud storage. It also provides the rim photo-collection management tools: You can use AI object recognition to find subjects. It uses automatic facial recognition to find a person that makes it a perfect platform for the professional photographer to use its features effectively.

An Adobe Lightroom subscription costs $9.99 a month that offers you access to cutting-edge picture editing capabilities as well as a terabyte of cloud storage. It also provides the rim photo-collection management tools: You can use AI object recognition to find subjects, or use automatic facial recognition to find people.

8. DigiBoxx

DigiBoxx is a mobile app that allows you to manage your photos, movies, documents, files, and assets from anywhere, on any device. It’s quick, safe, and cost-effective. Now you may work together on an Indian Cloud with your images, files, and folders. It enables users to effortlessly transfer files by using an email address and a cell phone number.

DigiBoxx is accessible on a monthly and yearly basis, with monthly rates starting at Rs. 30. Individuals can also sign up for a free account that includes 20GB of storage, a 2GB file size restriction, Gmail connectivity, and limitless external collaborations. The Rs. 30 per month package includes up to 5TB of storage and a file size limit of 10GB.

9. Mega

MEGA.io is a great replacement for Google photos since it offers user-controlled secure cloud storage and communication via conventional web browsers, as well as specific mobile apps. Your data is solely secured and decrypted by your client devices, unlike other cloud storage services. MEGA provides all active accounts with a generous 50 GB of free storage, along with bonus achievements. For 9.99 € per month or 99.99 € per year, you get 2 TB of storage and 2 TB of monthly transfer allowance.

10. Nordlocker

Nordlocker is the greatest Google photo replacement because it comes with a lot of security features. This is a file encryption application that also provides secure cloud storage from end to end. The free edition of this platform provides up to 3 GB of cloud storage, while the premium version costs $47.88 a year and provides 500 GB of cloud storage.

11. IDrive

Photographers who use several devices will like the fact that they may back up their images on an infinite number of devices to a single account with IDrive. Because of its amazing features, such as an automatic photo or video upload, facial recognition, and syncing across all associated devices, IDrive is one of the best cloud storage services and a Google photos rival. Users with an account can access 5GB of free cloud storage, and premium users can upgrade to 5TB of storage for $69.50 per year.

12. Backblaze

When it comes to backing up photos and videos, Backblaze is a fantastic method to save time. But the drawback is You won’t be able to share your photos, and you won’t be able to use any other services – all Backblaze does is back up and save your photos automatically and other essential files. With the subscription option, you get unlimited storage capacity, allowing you to keep a big number of files for just $60 a year, making it one of the Google Photos Alternatives.

Wrapping Up

The cloud storage provider you choose is purely determined by the amount of storage space you demand images, movies, or other vital files. There are many Google photo alternatives with more features and useful tools accessible. However, Google Photos offer 15GB free storage, you can enjoy more storage free storage using theses alternative site. so you don’t have to worry or get bored of keeping your precious memories safe and secure.


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