How to Get Free Dimitri Character & Sound Engineer Bundle In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular online games not only in India but as well as all across the world. Garena always keeps on bringing redeem codes and events to keep the Garena Free Fire group and circle engaged and rewarded. They want to make their 4th anniversary as big as possible. Introducing famous celebrities and icons in the form of characters is now common in Free fire. The game makers recently announced their collaboration with Dimitri Vegas.  He is one of the world-famous- DJ and music composers.  The themed song “Rampage” for the Free Fire was created by DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

 Since this is good news for all the players, so in this article, we will describe to you the complete process of how you can get the Dimitri character, how to do top up for diamonds, and various ways where you can try your luck to get the Dimitri character as a reward or you can get enough diamonds which you can use to get the character.


How to Buy or Unlock Dimitri Character in Free Fire?

The newly added Free Fire character- Dimitri in the 4th-anniversary event of a free fire is based on the famous DJ Dimitri Vegas. This character is blessed with the ability to ‘Heal Heartbeats‘. This character creates a healing zone of a 3.5m radius around itself. Inside the zone he lets his friends and allies regain

Dimitri Character In Free Fire

3HP per second allowing themselves to heal. The players and their allies can self-recover when they get knocked down. Their ability at the base level last for 10 seconds and at the maximum level, their ability lasts for 15 seconds. At the base level, it has 85 seconds cooldown and at the maximum level, it reduces to 60seconds. Overall the ability is quite decent, when you combine Dimitri with Olivia and Thiva, whenever you will revive yourself or any player, you will get 130 HP instantly plus the regen from Dimitri’s ability.

The Dimitri character is currently unavailable in the Free Fire store it is likely to arrive through the diamond top-up event of Free Fire by August 12, 2021. Players who do diamonds top-up in a certain amount can claim Dimitri through the event.

Details for the no. of diamonds you will need:

  • 200 Diamonds – Dimitri character
  • 500 Diamonds – Dimitri’s Sound Engineer Bundle (contains Disc Jockey bundle with unique animation and 900 Universal Fragments).

Note that You can only get this character once you do top up with enough Diamonds. You don’t have to spend them.

Step -by -Step guide

In order to get the Dimitri character players should know the complete process of how to top up Diamonds, follow the guide below:

1. Open the Free Fire App.

2. On the top left side tap on the diamond icon.

3. Now click on the Top Up section.

4. Select the number of diamonds you want.

5. Tap on your suitable payment section.

Once the process is complete the player will receive the diamonds through their mail in the Free fire.

Different Ways to Get Dimitri Character for Free.

Those who do top up for diamonds can easily get the Dimitri character in the event but We always wish if we could get the characters for free. Yes! we can but it depends on how good our luck is. There are certain ways in which we can try to get rewards and diamonds which we can use to get the characters.

So here we will explain to you 4 different ways where you get rewards and diamonds.

1. Free Fire Redeem Code Method to get Dimitri Character.

2. Booyah App rewards.

3. Free Fire Advanced Server.

Free Fire Redeem Code Method To Get Dimitri Character

Players always wait to buy brand new skins, outfits, and other new items from the free fire game store. To buy them they will have to use their real money to top up to get diamonds (in-game currency) and then they can use those diamonds to buy new characters, skins and etc. But there are some players who can’t afford to buy the diamonds, characters, skins, outfits, and other items by using real money. For players like them, Garena occasionally brings redeem codes which you can find on Free Fire Redeem Codes Website.  Which they can redeem and get free diamonds which they can use to get the Dimitri character. Garena Free Fire redeem Codes may give players various free rewards, from coins to diamonds and many more in-game rewards.

How to Redeem Garena Free Fire Redeem codes?

1. Visit the official redemption website rewards ff garena.

2. Log in to your account using your Facebook, email Twitter or any other way.

3. Now enter the redeem code which you have in the box.

4. Click confirm and repeat for each code.

5. After the redemption of code is complete, go to the game vault.

6. In the game lobby the game wall will appear and your free fire account will receive gold and diamonds in exchange.

Once the code gets activated you can avail your rewards which will be mailed to your free fire account. Now use these diamonds to get your Dimitri character in the in-game event.

After entering the redeem code if it shows any error or the redeem code has expired then it may have happened because maybe the redeem code is not available for your country or the expiration date of the redeem code has been over.

Booyah! App rewards:

The Booyah! App is a platform developed by Garena where the users or Free Fire players host live streams on major streaming platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. This app is completely free for the users you can either stream or watch the videos of other streamers and chat with other people. Because of its free streaming privilege user can share and upload their short gameplay videos in public so that everyone can watch.

This app has some other advantages as well, you can just earn various rewards for free fire by just using this app. Players receive free Booyah! tickets while watching the streams, which can be converted into gifts to reward the streamers. You just need to perform various tasks available in the app and after completion of the tasks, you can earn Free Fire Goodies and in-game currencies (diamonds). It is a golden chance to earn some diamonds just by watching your favorite streamers.

Below are the steps which you can use to know how to download the app and earn some in-game diamonds and goodies:

1.  Open google play store or iOS store to download the Booyah! App.

2. Now create an account and attach your free fire account to it. This step is important because it can detect your free fire account and send your rewards into it.

3. To view all the available tasks click on the “Task Center” in the main menu.

4. You can see two types of tasks one is a daily task and the other is a limited-time task.

Complete the tasks which you prefer to earn rewards. The limited-time tasks offer the best rewards but make sure to complete them before they disappear.

5. Tap on watch clips to win the event.

6. Here you can watch short video clips submitted by other users and streamers for at least 10 minutes to claim the rewards.

The following are the rewards which you will get by watching short video clips:

*MP40 Sneaky Clown Gun Box

*10 Diamonds

*50 Booyah Tickets

By Using Free Fire Advance Server:

Garena Free Fire, the popular battle royal game, has now finally announced its new advanced server. The Advance server is actually designed to get a chance to experience the new features before the official launch that will be coming out globally. You can test out the specially designed new features. The latest Advance Server is Free Fire OB29 Advance Server and it is now open on the official website.

We can also earn free diamonds by reporting bugs in the game. All you have to do is play the game and find bugs, then report those bugs on the official website through the account and you can earn 100 diamonds per report. You can also work in a team to report a huge number of bugs, then you get a chance to win the grand prize of 3000 diamonds.

Below are the steps that you can follow to download the advance server:

1. Visit the official website of the Free Fire OB29 Advance Server.

2. log in to the account that you have used earlier in the registration process.

3. Now tap in the ‘download Apk button’.

4. Now install the APK file.

5. After installation, open the app

6. Now enter the activation code in the box.

7. Now click on ok.

Now you can easily earn free diamonds so that you can use them to get Dimitri character. All you will have to do is by reporting the bugs. But in order to access the latest Free Fire Advance Server you will require an activation code as mentioned above. Click here to get the activation codes.

Final Words

We hope you all are clear with your doubts regarding the new free-fire character Dimitri and now you all know what are the different ways to get the character.

We tried to keep the steps and methods as simple as we can.

So what are you waiting for, jump into the steps to start collecting your rewards, goodies, and diamonds which you can use to get the Dimitri character?

If you have any queries or doubts do let us know in the comments below

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