PUBG Tricks: Get Free PUBG Skins, Legendary Outfit, Weapons & More

PUBG Tricks: Get Free PUBG Skins, Legendary Outfit, Weapons & More

PUBG Mobile Free Gun Skins, How To Get Free PUBG Popularity

There are so many items in PUBG Mobile. Likewise Emotes, Outfit, Skins, & Some legendary crate but we need to spend real money to get those things. But today I’m going to share how to get PUBG Outfit, Skins, Emotes & other legendary items for free in this single post. Let’s ready to read this article till end.

Hi friends welcome to another PUBG Mobile dedicated post. We hope you enjoying our previous PUBG UC & Elite Pass trick and PUBG Redeem Codes post. If you don’t check it yet then go read now. In this post we shared PUBG Mobile Free Skins & Outfits Tricks. By using this trick you will get Gun Skin, PUBG Cool Cat Outfit & other Premium Dress or Outfits for free. Let’s explore more about it.

  • PUBG Free Gun Skins Tricks Free AKM, UMP-45 and M416 Skins
  • Tricks to get free PUBG Cool Cat and other premium legendary outfits
  • Best tricks Get Motor Bike, Plane, Canon and Other PUBG Popularity For Free

PUBG Free Skins Tricks

Are you a PUBG Lover want free PUBG Skins for a better look or a professional appearance. If then there are so many tricks to get Premium gun skins in PUBG without paying any money. Today we share some trick to get Free Skins. Kindly read the trick and enjoy it.

PUBG Free Gun Skins

PUBG Mobile is the most popular online multiplayer royal battle game. There are millions of players are playing PUBG everyday. Most PUBG player wants to get Free Gun Skins for a professional appearance. But they afford it due to money. Nothing to worry there are some tricks to help you to get Free AKMand M416 Gun Skins.

Free AKM Gun Skins Tricks

Hey, we share an amazing trick get Free AKM Gun Skin For 7 days. kindly read this article till the end. AKM is one of the best assault rifles in PUBG. It has awesome recoil control and firing speed. Most of the players are like to play with this gun.

  1. First Go to this link
  2. Copy AKM Gun Skin Coupon
  3. Now open PUBG Reward Page
  4. Enter Your PUBG ID & Coupon
  5. Click To Claim AKM Gun Skin
  6. Now open PUBG game and check your mail
  7. Collect AKM Skin and enjoy for 7 days

Free M416 Glacier Gun Skin Tricks

A new trick to get PUBG Free Gun Skins. Simply follow this trick and get free M416 Glacier and Orange Gun Skin absolutely free. You can access this skin only for 7 days. Let’s dive into the trick.

  1. First Of you go to this link
  2. Copy M416 Glacier Skin Code
  3. Now install Monster VPN from play store
  4. Open and connect from Korean Server
  5. Now open PUBG Reward Center on your chrome browser
  6. Enter character ID & pasted M416 code & claim your free skin
  7. Collect it from your mail & enjoy for 7 days

Trick To Get SK12 Skin For Permanent

This is very awesome trick to get SK12 Gun Skin for permanently. PUBG Mobile has added Guncraft option under Workshop section. Where you will get it by spin the wheel. But this option is not available for all. Please check is it available to you or not. Follow step bellow to get it.

  1. Open PUBG Mobile
  2. Go to Workshop & Click On Guncraft Option
  3. There you will see a spin option and you get first spin is for free
  4. Just spin the wheel and collect SK12 Gun skin for free

Free PUBG Mobile Outfits Tricks

Presenting you the great offer to get PUBG Premium Outfit for free. Here you will learn best tricks to Free PUBG Outfit. Here we share how to get Free Scarlet Fox Set & Cool Cat Outfit For 10 days from In another way how to get Premium PUBG Mobile Scarlet Fox Outfit Free.

Trick To Get PUBG Mobile Operation Leo Outfit For 3 Days

Get PUBG Operation Outfit For Free

Hey there we going to share an awesome trick to l PUBG Legendary Outfit for free. You heard right You will Get PUBG Mobile Operation Leo Set Outfit Worth 1200UC absolutely for free for 3 days. Recently PUBG Corporation has released a new redeem code to use this legendary outfit for 3 days. Use this code so earlier before it limited. Follow bellow easy steps guide to get it now.

  • First of all visit our PUBG Redeem Code Post and copy Operation Leo Redeem Code
  • Now Open PUBG Redemption Center From This Link
  • Enter Your Game Character ID & Redeem Code and Redeem It
  • Now open mail and collect the Redeem Reward keep use it for 3 days at free.

If you don’t know how to use these Redeem Code then checkout our Redeem Code post form above mentioned link.

How To Get Free PUBG Cool Cat Outfit For 10 Days (Expired)

Helo guys you must know about Midasbuy Website. It’s a best PUBG UC & Royal Pass selling site in cheap rate. In this website you will buy PUBG Elite Royal Pass & Unknown Cash at huge discount.

Now website is offering free cool cat outfit for 10 days. Currently this offer is active and it’s avalaible for all new users. You can use only this Cool Cat Outfit free for 10 days. The actual cost of this PUBG Outfit is worth 250 UC. let’s understand how to get it.

PUBG Free Cool Cat Outfit
  • Go to Midasbuy Offer Page
  • You will land to Cool Cat Outfit Offer Page
  • Click On Register To Get It
  • Now Register Using Facebook or Email (If you have already an account then login)
  • After Login Successfuly Click To Unlock The Outfit
  • Confirm your birth date and continue
  • After this rnter your PUBG Name & Claim the reward
  • Now open your PUBG Mail center and collect the Free Cool Cat Outfit Gift & use it free for 10 days.

PUBG Mobile Trick: Get 1 Cannon Popularity Free

PUBG Mobile has issue a new redeem code to get free Cannon Popularity. You will get 1 Canon Popularity By using this code. Let’s follow the step bellow.

Free PUBG Cannon Popularity Redeem Code
  1. Open PUBG Mobile Copy Your Character ID
  2. Goto PUBG Redemption Center From this link
  3. Now Provide your Character ID in first box
  4. Enter Redeem Code BBKRZBZBF9 in second box and verify the captcha
  5. Click On Redeem Option
  6. Open PUBG goto mail and collect the popularity for free

Trick To Get Free Red Tea Popularity

We brought another new redeem code for PUBG Mobile to get 2 Red Tea popularity. This code has recently issued by PUBG Mobile and the code is working very fine. This code may expired or limited at anytime. Kindly follow the bellow guideline to use this code before it expire.

  1. Goto PUBG Redeemption Page From this link
  2. Enter your Game Character ID get from PUBG profile section
  3. Use Redeem Code BBKVZBZ6FW & verify image captcha
  4. Now click on redeem option
  5. Open PUBG and Check mail to collect the reward.


This is a PUBG Mobile Tricks related post all in one. We are trying to update more PUBG tricks in this post. You will get update daily a new trick through this post. If you have any query related this post then let us know. We will consider your problem and try to resolve it early. Check out latest PUBG Redeem Code & Free Royale Pass Season 19 post.


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