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Block Youtube Ads:- YouTube is the most reputed video streaming platform and has been for a while now. However, YouTube is not without its demerits, the most irksome of which is YouTube ads. Back in the day, YouTube didn’t wasn’t flooded with ads. That’s true; adverts only spun their webs around YouTube recently! Today? Well, today, YouTube ads are out of control, and it’s an arduous task not to lose your calm over them.

Lucky for you, you can flawlessly dodge this exasperating bullet through some simple hacks. Today, we will walk you through different hacks that you can instigate in your online presence for a seamless YouTube experience – an ad-less YouTube extravaganza!

1. Use Browser Extensions!

You can painlessly block YouTube ads to get your hands on a quintessential YouTube experience – essentially, YouTube with no ads! Ad blockers are pretty common nowadays, and you can simply add them to your internet browsers if you are intent on blocking ads on YouTube.

Once enabled, these ad-blocking browser extensions do their magic by naturally blocking any and every ad they encounter on your internet voyage, thereby gifting you with a wholesome virtual experience. There are ad blockers for Chrome, Firefox, Opera; you name it. What’s more, they don’t only cover YouTube in their ambit; ad blockers cover other sites as well, ensuring that those pesky YouTube ads don’t come anywhere near you.

2. Pure Tuber! One Stop for Every YouTube Need of Yours

If ad-blockers and browser extensions aren’t your thing, a YouTube MODDED client might be just what you need! Pure Tuber is one such application that has its stellar versions available on both Android and IOS devices. 

Pure Tuber comes at no cost to the user and is absolutely free of cost! The cherry on top, you won’t even have to pay for any subscriptions. The application is literally limitless and has a lot more to it than blocking ads on YouTube. In addition to blocking YouTube ads, the smart app boasts of the following features:

  • Play YouTube In Background 

People have been demanding a feature that allows YouTube to play in the background for a while now. While YouTube has looked past these demands, Pure Tuber hasn’t! Pure Tuber allows its users to play YouTube videos in the background or in picture-in-picture mode (whatever suits them!).

  • Download YouTube Videos and Audio 

Another great feature of Pure Tuber – it’s the ability to download YouTube videos and audio and save them directly to your phone. This is a highly prized feature and is highly esteemed among people who want offline playback. You can download YouTube videos even in 4K quality using this feature. Moreover, if you’re in it for the audio, you can extract it from your video using Pure Tuber.

  • One-Tap Login 

Pure Tuber also allows its users to enter their Google credentials to sign in to a YouTube account; a single tap is all it takes. This feature helps in syncing your YouTube data, history, and subscriptions with this state-of-the-art application.

3. Buy YouTube Premium

If spending some bucks isn’t a great deal to you, you can always invest a little amount to buy YouTube Premium to block YouTube ads. YouTube Premium (previously YouTube Red) is a video platform YouTube’s subscription service. The subscription offers ad-free access to all material on the site, as well as accessibility to exclusive YouTube Originals programs created in conjunction with the site’s producers. It also offers video downloads and background plays on mobile devices and access to the YouTube Music streaming platform.

4. VPNs As Ad Blockers

Besides YouTube ads, other ads on the internet pose privacy risks, cause web browsers to lag, and are downright vexatious. However, VPNs are here to save you from all that. Contrary to popular belief that VPNs can only be used to protect your data and unlock restricted content, VPNs also effectively work as ad blockers. Yes, VPNs have the ability to block YouTube ads!

To pick a VPN that efficaciously blocks YouTube ads, you must consider the following factors:

  • The said VPN should not only block YouTube ads but also work on other sites as well.
  • It should be able to block malicious websites.
  • It should be easy to use and shouldn’t be too pricey either.
  • It should work on all platforms, including Android, Windows, IOS, and Linux.


YouTube ads can be vexing, but this doesn’t mean that you have to go through the ordeal of watching them all the way. With the right hacks, nothing’s stopping you from having the YouTube experience of your life!

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