Skyler Character In Free Fire – How To Get Skyler Character For Free

How To Get Free Skyler Character In Free Fire, Skyler Character Hack, Tricks To Unlock Skyler Character & Superstar Bundle

Free Fire often collaborating with celebrities to release new character on every new update. In the OB26 Cobra update, Garena has released 2 new characters Shrinou & Skyler. Skyler character is featuring Vietnamese artist Son Tung M-TP.

Son Tung M-TP is a famous music artist in Vietnam. Garena has Collab with them to release Skyler character to expand Free Fire reach in Vietnam. Skyler Character is now available on the Superstar bundle. This bundle will be unlocked with 200 or 500 diamonds topup. However, you can obtain it directly by spending 499 diamonds. If you are curious to know how to get this Skyler Character for free. Then in this post, we will share the top 5 ways to get free Skyler in Free Fire.


Free Fire Skyler Character

On the OB26 Free Fire update, Garena announced Skyler as a new character of the free fire game. This character is based on Vietnam music artist Son Tung M-TP. Skyler character is featured as a CEO & superstar. This character has an active ability called Riptide Rhythm.

How get free Skyler Character In Free Fire

In this ability, Skyler Character can damage 5 gloo walls at once within 50m, CD 60s. This ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds. Each Gloo wall deployed will result in increasing HP Recovery that beginning from 4 points. And recovery effect does not stack.

Abilities Of Skyler Character

Skyler Character has a Riptide Rhythm active ability. In level 1 that unleash a sonic wave which can damage 5 Gloo walls within 50 meters range & with 60 seconds cooldown. It also recover HP 4 points in Level 1. However, you can increase your ability when you unlock all 6 Levels.

  • Health Recovery ability beginning from 4 points in Level 1 & it increases to 9 points at Level 6.
  • The cooldown rate starts from 60 sec and increases to by 40seconds CD rate at Level 6.
  • Sonic Wave range increase from 50m to 100 meters at level 6.

How To Get Skyler Character In Free Fire

Now Skyler Character can purchase from the Free Fire store. This character is available on the Free Fire character store & a total of 499 diamonds are required to purchase this character. To obtain this character you must more than 499 diamonds in your FF account. If you have 499 diamonds in your ID then follow the steps. However, you have not enough diamonds to purchase this character then you can do Rs.400 diamonds top-up directly.

Steps to get Skyler Character In Free Fire:-

  • Open Free Fire Game, click on the character option
  • Select Skyler & click on obtain button
  • Now click on the purchase button
  • In the next tab it will ask are you ready to spend 499 diamonds. Click to yes.
  • Now you will successfully unlock this charcter

3 Best Way To Get Free Fire Skyler Character For Free

Free Fire game becomes an attraction point for their different character. Each Free Fire character has a unique ability & look of style. You will find so many top characters in Free Fire. Skyler is a new charcater. Now it become more famous for their unique ability that it can damage 5 gloo walls within his level range which is starts from 50 meter. But the main problem is you have to spend 499 diamonds to have this charcter.

Most of player can’t purchase character because they want it for free. But that are practically impossible to get it for free. But you can follow some methods that make possible to unlock you Skyler Character for free.

In this post we have explained 3 best ways to get Free Fire Skyler character for free. These methods are 100% genuine & not implemented any hack. Follow these 3 methods to get free Skyler in free fire.

1. Free Fire Redeem Code Method To Get Skyler Character

Free Fire Redeem Code is rewards code which will get you so many in-gaming items likewise 2x Diamonds, Character, bundles & Crates for free. There is the possibility to get Free Fire Skyler Character for free using FF Redeem Code. Check out the latest Free Fire Redeem Code here, we update daily new codes there. Firstly collect the FF Skyler rewards code then go to Free Fire Rewards Redemption Page to redeem the code. Now you check the Vault Section of the game & obtain this character for free.

2. Free Diamonds Top Up To Get Skyler Character

To purchase Skyler Character 499 diamonds are required. Players can do Rs.400 Top-up in which they will get 520 diamonds. Upon spending 499 diamonds they will unlock Skyler Character & Superstar bundle as a reward.

If you want to know how to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire then read this article. Use the Gameskharido App to get 2x diamonds for doing first time top up.

3. Booyah! App To Get Skyler Character

Booyah! App is an online streaming app of Free Fire. In this app, you can cast your gameplay or watch other players gameplay. You also get rewards for streaming live tournament in Booyah App. Booyah app offers so many rewards like Diamonds, redeem code, Gun skins & Bundle & Character as well.

Firstly install the Booyah app from the play store. Then log in to your Free Fire ID, start streaming & collect rewards.


1. What is the ability of Skyler?

Free Fire Skyler Character has an active ability Riptide Rhythm. That he can destroyed 5 gloo walls within 50meter range at Level 1. The ability will be increase as follow by level increasing.

2. Who is Skyler in real life?

Free Fire Skyler Character is base to a Vietnam Song Artist Son Tung M-TP.

3. How do I get Skyler character?

Skyler Character is now available on Free Fire Store. It can be obtain on spending 499 diamonds.

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