How To Get Free Fire Membership For Free?

Free Membership For Fire Free: Here is a question to all the free fire players out there don’t you think the free fire weekly membership will give you more benefit in providing diamonds than the normal top-up plans for diamond purchases. Those who play free fire should have surely purchased diamonds or must have surely taken a free fire weekly or monthly membership, to get more diamonds to purchase the in-game resources like guns, skins, cosmetics, and many more.

From the day when Free fire got launched in India. It has become one of the most played games in India and even in the world. The game characters, gameplay, and matches everything just make the game more interesting and mind-blowing. For that, you need the in-game currency that is diamonds. To get these diamonds you need to purchase them by their regular top-up plans, which are high priced. And they are not pocket-friendly to all.


Free Fire Weekly & Monthly Membership

Free Fire Weekly & Monthly Membership Plan

But as we all know free fire has got a solution for all. They have a free fire weekly membership plan/ free fire weekly membership hack which will provide diamonds in a cheap amount. Free fire weekly membership buys/ free fire weekly membership benefits you with more diamonds in less price.

The main reason for which you all are here is how to get a free fire weekly membership for free. So, in this article, we have explained how you can get this free fire weekly membership for free. Because why spend our hard money if we can get diamonds for free. So read the article completely so that you won’t miss any important information or trick mentioned by us.

What is Free Fire Weekly Membership Plan?

However, before we look into the ways of how to get a free fire weekly membership to buy for free. Let’s first explore, what a Free Fire weekly Membership and free fire monthly membership is?

Free fire has launched weekly and monthly membership cards for the free fire players. These membership cards will help you explore and earn lots of upgraded rewards. The game has a lot of rewards, which are waiting for you all to grab for yourself. So, to make them yours you need to give diamonds in exchange for skins, characters, guns, etc. And as you all know earning and collecting diamonds is a really hard task.

So, getting yourself a free fire weekly or monthly membership card will be cheaper than the other regular top-ups. Once you opt for the plan the system will automatically reward players with diamonds, skins, apparel, and many more as per the membership plan.

The free fire membership buy plan has 2 packages. One is free to fire weekly membership and the other one is Free Fire Monthly membership.

What Is Free Fire Weekly Membership?

The weekly membership plan costs ₹159 and is valid for 7 days. This plan will help you get more diamonds at a cheaper value.

1. Once you will buy this plan you will instantly get 100 diamonds.

2. You will receive 60 diamonds daily, 420 diamonds in total.

3. You will get a special weekly silver card VIP Icon.

4. 211% more benefit.

5. It will reset daily at 0300.

What Is Free Fire Monthly Membership?

The monthly membership plan will cost around ₹ 599 for 30 days. It is an upgraded plan of weekly membership. In this, you will receive even more benefits than the free fire weekly membership.

1. Once you will buy this plan you will instantly get 100 diamonds.

2. You will receive 60 diamonds daily, 1900 diamonds in total.

3. You will get a special monthly gold card VIP Icon.

4. 238% more benefit than regular top-ups.

5. It will reset daily at 0300.

How To Get A Free Fire Membership Plan Buy?

Since we have mentioned to you all the benefits of getting a free fire weekly membership plan. So, follow the steps below to buy one membership plan for yourself.

1. Open your Free Fire gaming app.

2. Click on the card-shaped icon.

3. Then click on your preferred free fire membership plan.

4. Then click on the Rs159 or Rs599 option.

5. Select your preferred payment option.

6. Once your payment will get confirmed you will receive 100 diamonds instantly. And 60 diamonds daily for a week or month respectively.

How to get Free Fire Weekly & Monthly Membership Plan for free?

Above we have mentioned every single detail regarding free fire weekly membership total diamond or free fire weekly membership benefits. However, we all are here to find out ways that can provide us diamonds for free through Free Fire weekly membership buy. We have also tried to mention ways that can help you get the free membership for free fire. So, read the methods completely so that you won’t miss any information, tricks, or tips.

1. Free Fire Redeem Codes To Get Free Membership

Getting free diamonds and other rewards in Free Fire sounds exciting. Because to get in-game resources we need to buy in-game currencies with real money. Which is not at all preferred by most of the players. Because diamonds in Free Fire cost high which is not at all pocket friendly. So, Free Fire has to get offers for all players like us to get Free Fire monthly & weekly membership, diamonds, and in-game resources for absolutely free. Garena releases Free Fire Redeem Codes for its players on daily basis in a large number. Which you can redeem to win exciting surprises.

The reward code contains an aggregate of 12 characters, including capital letters and digits. The rewards are shown on the tab in the game entryway. Moreover, if you win in-game currencies like Gold or diamonds, they will get consequently added to your record wallet.

Redeem code feature is a really good way to earn diamonds and rewards. Moreover, they also provide redeem codes to get a free weekly membership card of free fire.

Free membership code for Free Fire Max:


How do redeem Free Fire Reward Codes to get Free diamonds?

Since you all now know how many benefits these redeem codes can provide us. Follow the steps given below and use the above redeem codes and claim Free Fire monthly membership Diamonds:

1. Visit the official redemption website of the free-fire i.e.

2. Login with your free fire account.

3. Then in the available text box, copy-paste the redeem codes provided by us above.

4. Then click on the confirm button

5. Cross-check the reward code before clicking Ok.

6. After you will redeem the code the rewards like diamonds, membership cards, skins will directly get added to your linked free fire account.

Note: Every redeem code has an expiry date. So, use them fast.

2. Free Fire Advance Server RewardsTo Get Free Free Fire Weekly & Monthly Membership Plan

The beta version of free fire is the Free Fire advance server. Here you can enjoy the latest updates and features of free fire before they are released officially. You can use the features and detect bugs and defects.

FF Advance Server is only accessible to limited players. So, you need to register before time. Register with your email and login details. And you will receive an activation code that you can use to play the Free Fire Advance Server. Play the Free fire advance server, test the new features and functionalities and report it. By doing this you will receive rewards in the form of diamonds, in-game resources like skin, cosmetics, guns, etc.

Sometimes even after registration people aren’t able to play the advanced server. So as soon as you get info regarding the new advanced server register as soon as possible. You will also receive diamonds after registering in the free-fire advance server. And more diamonds afterward after detecting bugs and defects in the gaming features.

3. Booyah! App To Get Free Fire Weekly Membership For Free

Rather than buying a Free fire weekly membership, you can use the booyah! app to get diamonds and in-game resources. Booyah App is a live streaming app developed by Garena itself. Watch your favorite streamer of free fire streaming their gameplay. Moreover, just by watching short clips of the games, you can also earn many rewards.

Basically, all you need to do is complete ongoing events or tasks. Win unlimited diamonds and crates. Or you can also watch short clips of Gamers at least for 10 minutes to earn rewards. Moreover, sometimes your Free Fire game Streamers can also gift your crates, diamonds and even a free fire weekly membership card.

Steps to download and use Booyah! App:

1. Download Booyah App from your smartphone Google play store or apple store.

2. Create a new account and log in with your free fire I’d.

3. Click on the task center, in the main menu. Here you will find two varieties of tasks. One is a daily task and the other one is a limited-time task. Both of them will provide you with free fire membership diamonds and resources. However, their limited tasks have more benefits. So try to complete those tasks before they get timed out.

4. Watch short clips or videos of your favourite streamer or player for at least 10 minutes to win crates full of diamonds, skins, cosmetics. And even get a free fire weekly membership new or free fire weekly membership 420 diamonds.

4. AirDrop Offer to get Free Diamonds

This is another great alternative to free fire weekly membership new update/ weekly membership of free fire. We all know that we can get more diamonds in the membership plan at a less amount. But in Free Fire AirDrop offer, you can get more diamonds at a very cheap price than that of the monthly or weekly membership of free fire.  Airdrop offers see like you can get 100 diamonds for rs 10 and even for Rs 29.

However, this 10 rupees airdrop offer is not available for all. Players should not have any amazing firearm skins and should not have done any transactions in their Free Fire account before. Players who have special weapons and skins need to unequip the skins and prepare them to default. Once you will fulfill the above given two focuses then you can simply play the Classic Squad mode and get the drop arbitrarily.


We hope this article is helpful for you all to get unlimited diamonds. We tried to provide all possible ways which will help you get free Free Fire weekly membership. Moreover, Alternatives to free membership of free fire have been mentioned. 

Read the article completely so that you won’t miss any updates regarding the free fire weekly membership hack/ free fire weekly membership redeem code. free fire weekly membership total diamond/ weekly membership of free fire/ free fire weekly membership benefits have been mentioned. If you have any doubts or queries then let us know in the comments below. Share the article with your free fire Squad as much as possible.

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